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Average Senior QA Automation Engineer Full Time Opportunity salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average Senior QA Automation Engineer Full Time Opportunity salaries for job postings nationwide. Among the 50 states, median weekly earnings of women in full-time wage and salary positions in 2013 ranged from $591 in Louisiana and Oklahoma to $900 in Massachusetts.
Three other states (Connecticut, Alaska, and Maryland) had weekly wages above $1,000 for full-time male workers. The data represent earnings before taxes and other deductions and include any overtime pay, commissions, or tips usually received (at the main job in the case of multiple jobholders).

These are workers age 16 and older who receive wages, salaries, commissions, tips, payments in kind, or piece rates on their sole or principal job.
People who usually work 35 hours or more per week at their sole or principal job are defined as working full time for the purpose of these estimates. Data shown are based on workers’ state of residence; workers’ reported earnings, however, may or may not be from a job located in the same state. Chief Regional Economist Martin Kohli noted that the women’s to men’s earnings ratio in New York increased 0.4 percentage point in 2013, after two years of declines.

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