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First, figure out what kind of design work interests you, what technical skills you have and will use, and the tools you’re most comfortable with. Next, use your design expertise to create a company name and logo for your business that reflects you accurately and that demonstrates the quality of your work. They also include a blog (see below), social networking pages, and even a voicemail message that’s appropriate to your freelance work. As soon as you contact a new perspective employer for work, that person is likely to Google your name to learn who you are and what you’ve done. I’m sure you know small businesses or non-profits who have little money to spare but who could use really benefit from some graphics or web design work to get their messages across.
Give these ideas a shot, and let me know if my design for getting work have, indeed, increased your design opportunities! I’ve been working online for four years now, and I’m still amazed by how many freelancing sites are available. When I first started, I relied on one site for all of my work because I earned enough money to pay the bills.
Upwork will forever be my favorite freelancing site because this is the one I first started getting work from.
Final takeaway: Craigslist isn’t the obvious choice for freelancing jobs, but it can lead you to some extraordinary opportunities online.
About the author: Heaven Stubblefield is a wife, writer, and self-proclaimed know-it-all who makes a living working online.
Heaven Stubblefield has really written a nice article about the current growing freelancing sites. I have had to work bad jobs, to the point where I was working 14 hours a day just to make ends meet. The entire point of this debate was that freelancing is far from slavery, as Roland originally stated.
I understand your point about freelancing not necessarily being slavery (If anything, the whole point of Freelancing is that it’s anything but). I am an unemployed Graphic Designer and I go to these sights that all want money for me to find work. Contrary to what some people may think, freelancing is not reserved solely for the creative types such as artists and writers, nor is it just for computer whizzes who freelance in IT, SEO and social media.

One of the most well-known attractions of working as a freelancer is the idea of ‘being your own boss’.
A lot of freelancers get to work from home or from a remote location, and this generally allows them a lot more flexibility over the hours they work.
When you register yourself as a freelance worker, you are in essence creating your own business. When you’re working all by yourself, there’s no one standing by waiting to steal your glory; you will get all of the credit for your achievements yourself.
Next time a paying client needs your expertise, you and your work will be on the top of their mind. On the pro bono work however, I’d suggest that for even a small company, charging a bit of money. Some of the most creative people in web design work strictly on a contract or freelance basis. Once I started branching out though, I was able to get significantly higher paying freelance jobs, many of which required less time than what I was already spending on work. This takes a long time to set up, so you should get it going while you work on your first project.
Even though this would be logical to do for freelance work, many clients don’t click that option for their posts. The downside is they will then be on another site, and could go start looking on other provider’s profiles and not contact you for work. While all of these job boards are still at the bottom end of the pyramid, it works to get a continuous flow of work. You talk about oDesk workers as if they are being forced on the computer against their will.
I’m saying that under no circumstances are there writers, programmers, data entry experts, and other internet workers with guns to their heads as they type away.
But not everyone wants to, because they rather spend their time towards trying to gain actual work experience. Whilst these are common freelance career options, almost any job can be worked on a freelance basis. Whether it’s due to the allure of “going to work in your pyjamas” or simply the professional freedom of picking and choosing your jobs, there are a whole host of benefits which accompany becoming a freelance worker.

If you find yourself wide awake and full of ideas in the middle of the night, or if you simply can’t face working until 11am, you can choose to work the hours in which you are most productive, rather than this being dictated for you.
They will not need to travel daily to a workplace and, if they do travel, the client may cover their expenses.
These include a website with a description of who you are, and your work philosophy and interests, examples of your designs, a list of clients, and quotes from satisfied customers. After a bit of research and online digging, I’ve come across 68 more freelancing sites and job boards for you to find the freelance jobs of your dreams.
Also, if your website visitor has never heard of oDesk or doesn’t want to create a profile, then that may be a barrier for them to work with you.
They don’t *have* to work online, especially if it is not providing them with proper job security. If that means working for less than what you think you’re worth at first, do it and get through it. If they are making significantly less than minimum wage on the internet, they can go to McDonald’s, find a job, and pick up work online whenever something comes around worthy of their time.
Even a slow writer online can usually make more than minimum wage from the start – if he or she is active in finding work.
I only moved to full-time work online when it became more profitable than what I was doing at the time, and then more profitable than the degree I was pursuing.
Whatever your tactic here – whether you choose based on the client’s temperament or the type of work involved – it certainly gives you a lot more control over your work.
The majority of us aren’t given great opportunities from the start, and most change careers a few times in life before finding something that works for them. If you have better things to do offline, it is best stay away from freelancing because the competition is terrible.
But until I begin running my own agency, I’m not going to see the point of working at McDonalds.

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