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A backstage reportage or a video tutorial may be a good way for freelance photographers, make-up artists or filmmakers to present themselves on FB. Use applications, there are plenty of apps developed for job hunters, we’ll get back to that later in this post. The freelance designer Matt Ward put the links to his social profiles right in the header, near the freelance work availability note. Here is a list of 10 Facebook Pages and Groups to help freelance professionals to find jobs, stay connected with peers and get updated on various aspects of freelance business.
Joining the page you can get news from a popular freelance writing community featuring daily job leads, informative tips and articles.
Join Onextrapixel on Facebook to stay aware of latest posts and updates on everything web design, development and freelancing. As the title of this Facebook page suggests, it's a space for photography professionals to look for jobs. Julia May is a freelance writer from Ukraine by occupation and a mix of curiosity, aspiration and appreciation of beauty in all senses by nature. UPwork, formerly known as Odesk, connects businesses to freelancers and let them collaborate remotely through their online work platform. If you have read the previous article about Crowdsourcing, you will learn more about the benefits of hiring freelancers.
When you are not satisfied with the freelancers who applied to your job posting, you also have the option to search for freelancers. If your job posting is very specific and provides complete information about the job, you are most likely to attract the candidates who are fit for the task at hand. Some freelancers in UPwork want to get a job immediately, thus they send their applications to all the available job postings. You should not get fooled by the sterling credentials in a freelancer’s resume, and the flowery words in his or her cover letter.
There are also reviews left by past employers that will help you know more about the candidates applying to your job posting.

Once you have chosen a number of potential employees among the job applicants, you can test who is really fit for the position by providing a short job-related task for each of them.
At some point in your life, you decided to become a freelance writer, or some other freelance profession. One of many considerations potential clients must have is whether or not you’re a successful freelance writer. If you’re a freelance writer who creates online content for businesses, keyword research is a skill you must master.
The bottom line is, whether you’re doing an annual content marketing campaign with weekly posts, building a website, making videos, or whatever you do as a freelance career, producing 4 sales over the course of a year is mighty realistic to say the least. But meanwhile, if you’re keen on becoming a freelance writer who gets paid well but are struggling with other writers willing to work for crazily low sums of money, this should help you in the right direction to securing that $50 per hour minimum rate. While Pages is definitely a winning solution for big brands, companies and public figures, the choice between Groups and Pages is not that obvious when it comes to freelance business.
Groups opposition in terms of better choice for a freelancer to present their business, Pages appear to be a winning solution. Having a professional profile and attractive portfolio page on Facebook is important, but that alone won’t bring you job offers.
The following resources provide explicit listings of Facebook apps to help you find a regular or freelance job.
By pressing the "Like" button you can have updates from Freelance Switch right in your Facebook newsfeed. Crowdsourcing has become a trend in the recent years because freelancing sites like UPwork provides professional workers who can provide services such as website development, content writing and many more. There are two options in signing up for UPwork; you can either sign up as a client or as a freelancer. You can then create job postings specifying the qualifications you need for the employees you are searching. This would mean an additional job for you as a client to sort through them and pick who’s really interested with YOUR job, not just with any job.

However, if you want to get to know a freelancer better you can talk to them through video calling software like Skype. The important thing is that once you know it, justifying higher prices for your freelance work is a simple mathematical equation.
Although it’s a common fact that Facebook can be used for business and every new feature causes much buzz in professional circles, the ways it can fit into a freelancer’s promotional activity are still not universally known. This way you can find like-minded people and communities to join, and continue your job search from there.
Freelancers hired via UPwork can work from their own homes, use their own devices, and work at their own pace. To make sure that they really read through your job posting, you can ask them to write a particular word or phrase at the beginning of their cover letter. You can view information such as job success, the percentage at which his or her job performances resulted satisfactory to clients, the freelancer’s overall rating, the total hours he or she has worked in UPwork, and the number of jobs the freelances have had.
The freelancers who submit the best output within your specified deadline should be the ones you should hire.
If you are always available for consultation, your freelancer can have complete guidance on what to do. And for business where you can outsource specific tasks to freelancers, you actually spend less compared to hiring traditional employees. The UPwork diary can also keep track of the hours being worked by the freelancer for hourly contracts. You can hire freelancers on a project- basis which is a very practical move for your business.

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