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Stop thinking, start writing:Just one simple rule that goes well with the explanation- if you don't write, you don't get the job.
Start writing for yourself first: If you want to succeed in freelance writing then you ought to be a prolific writer. Spread the word about your presence in the writing world: Marketing yourself is a necessary evil in any freelancing profession. Use your social media accounts appropriately and make some personal connections with your key followers in the field of writing and hiring. Being an aspiring freelance writer, you need to be versatile and flexible while choosing your writing assignments. Remember, what matters ultimately is your work and not the experience in this writing field.
No writing experience, no published work to add to a resume, no achievements to showcase in a portfolio, and many such dilemmas will hit you hard in the beginning.

You may be expert in a particular niche but building your experience profile is what you need to concentrate at the moment. But the good news is that it is not the end, it is indeed the 'rise of a freelance writer'. This will help you build your network, spread the word about your work, gain experience, allow you to study the market and rates.
One important work that needs to be done is research on the rates for different kind of writing jobs. You will also be able to gain knowledge about the subject and different level of writing skills. Here is how you can rise and succeed to earn your living through your freelance career without having any experience. Do not forget to add an 'about me' page introducing yourself as a freelance writer, and also a 'hire me' page so that a potential employer who comes across your blog will know you are open for services.

Your blog will act as a sample of your active writing habits and skills proving to be of some help to your resume. Also do not forget that you are in the making of a freelance writer and in the process of building your resume. If people value your writing skills they will never even bother to ask your resume leave alone your experience.

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