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If you are under 18 years of age and are looking for freelance writing jobs, there are a few sites listed in this article that hire minors, but you can also check out our article Online Writing Jobs for Teens Under 18. To become a writer for Skyword, sign up on the site, fill out a short bio and submit some writing samples. To become a writer on Textbroker, register on the website and submit a short writing sample.
To become a writer for eCopywriters, sign up on the site, fill out a short bio and submit a writing sample. To become a writer for Break Studios, sign up on the site, submit a resume and some writing samples.
To become a writer for Love to Know, sign up on the site, submit two writing samples, a resume and list of qualifications for the specific channel you are applying for.
After working for these companies for a while, you’ll start to see a pattern for what type of articles, style and subject matter clients are looking for.
Odesk and Elance are two separate writing sites that recently merged their database of available writing projects.

One final note: To be successful as a freelance writer, you need to deliver what you promise and then some. After you’ve gained some experience, you can also experiment with other ways to make money writing online.
The first step is to sign up with some content mills that hire freelance writers with no experience. If your writing sample is rejected you will not be allowed to join, so make sure it is well written.
Pay rates range from 2 cents to $2 a word, depending on what level of writing the client requests.
The experience you’ve gained will help develop your style and voice and strengthen your overall writing skills. To advertise your freelance writing services on the site, simply sign up on the site and post a listing detailing your writing skills and services. After hearing so much about the site, I decided to give CashCrate a try so I could give it an honest review and help others decide if they should sign up for it.

Once you’ve had some articles published and have developed a taste for what clients are looking for, you can branch out.
To advertise your freelance writing services, simply sign up on the site and post a listing. Or you can browse through the listings of freelance gig opportunities that clients have posted on the site. These sites tend to pay better than the content mills, but are more competitive so you’ll have to be persistent and patient when trying to secure writing gigs on these sites.
Writers who earn a good reputation are often sought out by clients to write for them privately, so doing a good job on each gig is of the utmost importance.
Once word gets out about what a great freelance writer you are, you’ll have no shortage of clients seeking out your services.

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