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Paid Freelance Article Writing Jobs (updated for 2015)Freelance writers have many common and uncommon ways to find paid article writing jobs. Copywriters, a special tier of writers with specialized skills, market themselves to local ad agencies and media firms, to pick up high-paying commercial writing work.
Bookmark This Page If you find my page useful, please "Like it" and share it with your friends and other freelance writers. To join, writers can register online for free and create a profile with contact info., samples of published stories, references, and a resume. Vox Media, a trendsetting media news company, posts open freelance writing positions with several of its web properties under the company's Careers section. Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and get the NEW 101 Best Websites for Writers download. Join the Writer’s Digest newsletter and download FREE tips & advice on freelance writing jobs. Technical writers, who primarily work onsite under contract, use staffing agencies to find ongoing work. Because clients are located globally, freelance editors can anticipate to edit an assorted variety of papers within their fundamental discipline, experience new contexts on concepts and approaches, and advance their knowledge of new developments in their discipline within different regions. Clients provide the search terms, article topics, and keywords to help writers craft effective SEO content. Writers must have the capability to compose business-style communications correctly, distinctly and succinctly. When writers join the Network the company will work with them to recognize their interests and experiences.
The company utilizes a branded crowdsourcing technology to let clients price their projects, find experienced writers project-specific skills, and develop their own groups of screened writers. Each writer goes through a testing process that consists of background verification and skill screening.

LoveToKnow writers and editors are a specialized community of subject experts, paid to research, edit, and write informative articles, product reviews, quizzes and slideshows. For its content creation services, the company frequently recruits freelance writers to write articles and blog posts on behalf of their clients. The company also hires regional writers to review and recommend the best restaurants and bars, nightlife events, and favorite destinations to have fun.
These endings are too common in bad writing and, by learning them, you will be able to recognize—and rewrite—them to make your freelance writing better and more marketable.
If, for some reason, you really must write about something that seems unimportant, you’ve got to reveal this fact in the first few paragraphs—don’t keep it as a surprise until the end—and then explain why readers should care nonetheless. Writers interested in the project will provide the client with a personalized estimate based on how much time and skill it will take to complete the work. The assignments that writers work on are primarily news stories and blog posts that are engaging, factual, and timely.
Writing assignments include product descriptions, blog posts, topical articles, and buyers guides. The CrowdSource team is comprised of a multitude of skilled freelancers with diverse personal and professional experiences. Writers' assignments come from hundreds of websites including Staples, Overstock, Walmart and ThredUp. The Quill Network is comprised of specialist content creators globally, from writers and editors to graphic designers, photographers and video producers. The amount is not disclosed, but writers can submit their rates on the job application form.
Upon acceptance of an application and a sample of writing, writers have access to writing assignments from BlogMutt's clients. The mounds of writers who classify themselves as "magazine writers" pick up writing assignments by pitching query letters to editors and publishers.

Clients then choose the freelancer or freelancers with the best estimate, skills, and expertise to work on the project. Payment is on a per project basis and depends on the writer's skill and time needed to meet each assignment. WritePath was the receiver of the Echelon 2013 Tokyo Satellite, a 2013 Echelon finalist and an AAMA (Asia America MultiTechnology Association) company, a distinguished start-up accolade in Taiwan. Along with strong writing skills, writers must also be skilled at research, editing, and proofreading. Usually the client dictates the topic, keywords, and a general idea of what the writer needs to include in the article.
I do not provide personal opinions or reviews since I am not actively involved with these companies, except registered as writer for one or two of them.
To join, writers must complete an online application, take a 15-minute exam, and write two 350-word samples. Writers usually have the creative freedom to finesse the article with their own ideas as long as they remain in the confines of the topic.
One of the most common slip-ups of writers who are granted freelance writing opportunities is finishing the article with a weak ending. As I always remind writers: carry out your own due diligence and research the company offering paid work as anyone applying for a job should do.
The company recruits freelance writers to cover the latest motor vehicle news and various topics pertinent to car buyers.

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