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Posted on March 23, 2015 Written by Joseph Hogue, CFA 2 Comments Making money freelancing online is about finding something you can do that you’re either an expert in or someone else just doesn’t want to do. The process can happen several ways, from direct communication through your website or through one of the platforms listed at the end of this post.
Anything that can be delivered over the internet is going to be the easiest to freelance and can allow you to live wherever you want. The other type of freelancing job is one where people just don’t want to do or where they can pay you to do it for cheap. Putting a simple website together to showcase your work will go a long way to establishing credibility, getting more jobs and getting paid more. Udemy isn’t necessarily a freelancer site but a great place to launch your side-hustle in video courses.
If you’ve ever considered making your living on your own, as a freelancer, then you might be a little worried about where you’ll find gigs or projects.
The answer probably exceeds my imagination and I’d like to say you can freelance anything if you put your mind to it.

For every person that has made a really good living freelancing, there are ten more that get disappointed busting their butt for very little pay.
Freelance for more than a few months and you will start building some real expertise in your field. Whether you’re programmer, designer, writer, editor, photographer, or virtual assistant, there are dozens of legitimate websites where you can find work. You can post a freelancer profile, so buyers can offer you projects, or you can browse projects and bid on just the ones you want.
Freelancers browse through the projects and bid on the work or are invited to apply by the project owner. Bluehost website hosting typically runs promotions for annual plans and has tools to put your site together quickly.
Browse around the websites linked below and you’ll get a good feel for different types of jobs and how much you can make.
The site runs on the traditional freelancing model where project owners set their budget and freelancers bid on the project.

There is a very good chance that others will be looking to learn those skills whether to make money freelancing themselves or to just to their own work. The site runs on a unique contest model where projects pay for a design package before the project goes to the marketplace of freelancers.
For freelancers, it’s a great break from the traditional bid-down strategy where the lowest bidder usually gets the project.
Even if you’re not planning on giving a course, Udemy is a great tool for learning the skills that will make your freelancing a success.

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