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Website design management service BeeWits has created a quick and easy hourly rate calculator to help ease the burden on freelance web designer.
This is a fantastic tool to use especially for freelancers and contractors, who are just begin their career in new business start-ups.
As a freelancer, figuring out how much your time is worth can be one of the most challenging tasks and it can take time to learn what different kinds of projects require, and therefore, should cost. Worrying whether you're over- or undercharging is tedious, and then there's the pressing issue of whether your rate will allow you to pay rent and eat. You may not have as much expertise when it comes to what your client wants and you may not be able to do it as well as another designer, or maybe it will just take some extra time and research for you to accomplish.

This usually only makes sense for designers who produce relatively simple marketing style websites, but it’s another mode of charging you should consider.
As you venture out into the world of freelance work, it is key that you figure out your rate. Sometimes, you can just discount the hours you spent learning, while other times it might make more sense just to bill the client a flat rate for that project. A real developer is not just a Web designer in order to charge top dollar you have to over deliver and if the client can’t afford you or is not willing to invest then it is important to make a decision if you want to move on or not.
Now granted, you can only charge what the market will bear (meaning, as much as you can convince someone to pay you), but there are some ways for you to determine what your GOAL rate is.

Our very own Skillcrush designer put together this killer guide to deciding how much to charge based on your needs and skills. A good Web designer is able to write code, copy, databases and print marketing material as well.

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