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The Real Translator Jobs website may be a little bit disappointing for those who are looking for work and extra income to create from home.
One of the things that really concerns me is that there is no screening process as far as prospects who are looking to get hired for translator jobs.
I just fell in love with you vince, thanks so much with your very unbiased review, i almost got myself enrolled in with another scammed oline job, just like these people who almost decided to sign up.but I decided to search on reviews about real translator and thank God, i found your article, thanks so much!
One day while reading news online, I stumbled upon this ad called Real Translator Jobs which made me curious enough to click as I thought that maybe it’s a chance for me to utilize my languages that I’ve learned. Real Translator Jobs however, is ONLY a 3rd party medium because you actually need to find those jobs yourself so in other words, it is exactly like Elance and Fiverr which you could otherwise join for free.
You need experience to actually find a work because companies don’t trust you so it’s VERY difficult to find jobs. I tried looking for a job and NOBODY wants a Malay translation as they want countries which are more developed and recognized like Brazil and Argentina. The money back guarantee for Real Translator Jobs is written there 60 days however like any scam companies, they won’t even bother to reply you after you’ve joined because they already got what they wanted.
These kind of sick scams are aplenty on the internet and its things like these that got me interested in making my honest reviews so that other people won’t fall in the same trap as I did.
That really moved my heart but as sad as I feel to break it up to him about the truth of Real Translator Jobs, its better if I help him save some money rather than throwing it down the drain.
There are many ways to make money from home, even for being a simple translator but you know now that Real Translator Jobs is certainly not the solution. Due to the difficulty in finding a job, due to the misuse of a country’s name to attract innocent people, the immense lies that it implements to trick you, and also the fact that it’s EXACTLY the same as Fiverr or eLance which you could otherwise join for free, Real Translator Jobs is definitely a SCAM and receives a rating of only 30 out of 100.

Also, do share with me your experiences with Real Translator Jobs, I would very much like to know!
There lot of good online translation services online but unfortunately, I couldn’t pinpoint the best one to you as that i have no found the best one yet. Your article is accurate, except for one HUGE problem: Verilogue has not honored payment duties in over five weeks, meaning a lot of freelance translators working for Verilogue have not received their money for what now ads up to over two months of work.
I know this because I am one of what I assume are several tens (if not hundreds) of freelancers in this situation. It’s a website that ideally should bring companies and freelance translators together. After you sign up you can see that RTS is a 3rd party website and you actually need to find the jobs yourself. Real Translator Jobs invites people to the system by using false advertisements and untrue statements about the possible earnings.
If you find positive Real Translator Jobs reviews those are very likely written by the affiliates of RTJ. So if you tried to contact Real Translator Jobs but they didn’t replied I suggest to visit Clickbank and write to the support.
After reading my Real Translator Jobs review you can see that this program is just a scam which using people to advertise their system and make money that way. I just landed on Real Translator Jobs website earlier today and I was ready to sign up (and pay). A good article to read in complement to this review – i found it useful, it also provides tips on risk assessment !

However if you’d like me to review an translation programme, I would be more than happy to check it out for you but it would take some time as I usually take at least a week to test out a program before writing my review.
A lot of people almost believed so after finding out that its not what it seems, I decided to warn others by writing a through review. Due to economic downturn, especially in our beloved country Malaysia, people tends to do part time jobs for side income. Companies looking for translation work contact RTJ and then they forwards the project to the translators of their choice. The translating part of the system has no value as the members won’t find any translating job without previous experience but they can earn money if they inviting others to the system. Real Translator Jobs using this technique to scam people from other countries and to make them believe they can easily earn hundreds of dollars by simple translating e-mails and texts. My main goal here is to help people looking for legitimate opportunities online by providing reviews about different programs and sharing my experiences. There are many different ways to make money on the Internet and doing freelance work is one of them. At first it sounds awesome to make money online by translating e-mails, movie scripts, audio conversations and other documents from your own language to English.
I’m going to tell you right off the bat, your chances of making that kind of money through freelance translator work is slim to none.

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