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At some point, your social presence is going to become hard to manage using the standard interfaces.
HootSuite is debatably one of the distinguished socio-media management applications with a large number of options, settings as well as dynamic features in order to hold its reputation. This app features multiple tiers of access to the social networks (one person administrates and others can update, for example), tracking of mentions and other quantifiers, tabbed layout, WordPress support, scheduled updates, automatic updating, and more. For the social media user who is crazy about measuring analytics, SpredFast is the tool that excels at data feature integration. Along with such a notable list of the features that would differentiate it from the numerous applications of socio-media management, Social Oomph could help you by monitoring not just your Twitter but also your Facebook accounts. I agree that those are 5 top most social media manager apps in 2013 and can be very helpful.
Without Seesmic app as a most popular Android Social media manager apps for 2013, I know all others.

If you feel you need to hire a freelance social media manager, you may have come to just the right website to meet your needs. Below, you’ll find some plans I have that may fit the budget you have for hiring a freelance social media manager. Managing so many well-known social-networking sites on web space from numerous different browser windows or tabs could get really frustrating.
Manage and measure data gathered from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr to see how many people you are reaching and whether or not your target audience is being engaged by your content. She has an in-depth knowledge and experiences particularly on the topic of Socio-Media Management App.
She is a passionate Techno-enthusiast and Internet junkie who loves to write on Online Security, Social Networking (especially Facebook), Gadgets, Smartphones, Technology and SEO.
Before hiring a social media manager for your company, church or political campaign or non-profit, make sure you and the person you hire are a good match.

But you are free to find a different social media manager or take over your social media strategy at any time. With an in-built system of custom-analytics, the options of scheduling the posts conveniently and the ability of monitoring the selected set of keywords HootSuite has sets its bar really high in competing its tools for socio-media management.
If you decide to hire a social media manager, you better hire one who shares your passions. The tools in the roundup are useful for freelance social media experts as well as casual users.
The layouts, features and the various stage of user-friendliness is different for each of the web application, but all the applications get their jobs done especially when it would come to the organizing as well as maintaining numerous social-media accounts.

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