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Average Freelance Social Media Content Copywriter salaries for job postings in Chicago, IL are 20% higher than average Freelance Social Media Content Copywriter salaries for job postings nationwide. Rachel and I met for coffee at my favorite Mount Pleasant coffee shop, Kaya, and talked about how to prepare for social media job interviews. I made a list of all the Tribune’s social media platforms I could find as well as their followings.
I'm a Chicago journalist and two-time college graduate, currently working on the social media desk at the Chicago Tribune.

Bring some ideas for social media projects or campaigns to the table, but keep them simple. I made a social media proficiency spreadsheet that I attached to my resume when I sent it in along with my application.
It also included links to my personal social media sites as well as a quick bio, a screenshot of my Klout score and a quick Q&A section. Looking at stats and seeing the direct impact links and shares have on social media users and readers is so rewarding to me.

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