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I’ve been working online for four years now, and I’m still amazed by how many freelancing sites are available. When I first started, I relied on one site for all of my work because I earned enough money to pay the bills.
And now I’d like to help you land awesome and creative jobs by branching out to the various online sites. Upwork will forever be my favorite freelancing site because this is the one I first started getting work from.
You’ll see plenty of low-budget jobs on here, but you can also find great clients who are willing to pay well. Simply sign up for an account on the site, and you can browse through thousands of job postings. Final takeaway: Upwork is a great site to start off with, and it still provides steady income for the pros. Final takeaway: Craigslist isn’t the obvious choice for freelancing jobs, but it can lead you to some extraordinary opportunities online. I like some of these, but was a bit disappointed to see Demand Studios on the list since they are notorious for paying ridiculously low wages.
Heaven Stubblefield has really written a nice article about the current growing freelancing sites.
Thanks for this overview – I think you found all well established freelance job sources.
One advice for freelancers especially writers, learn how to trace the principals who scammed you.
Hopefully some days a few international laws will be drafted and passed that will engage oDesk’s leaders responsability towards allowing such economical slavery schemes to happen.
The entire point of this debate was that freelancing is far from slavery, as Roland originally stated. I understand your point about freelancing not necessarily being slavery (If anything, the whole point of Freelancing is that it’s anything but). I am an unemployed Graphic Designer and I go to these sights that all want money for me to find work. Once I started branching out though, I was able to get significantly higher paying freelance jobs, many of which required less time than what I was already spending on work.
I’ve compiled a list of 71 different sites, three I’ll cover in depth plus 68 more sources – so you’ll know where to start.

If you get interviewed or hired, you can track your hours or project status on Upwork and then get paid directly through the site.
Without any experience or feedback on the site, no one is going to trust you to just give you their money. Even though this would be logical to do for freelance work, many clients don’t click that option for their posts.
Content mills might be okay for brand new writers or people who are desperate, but not for professional writers. The downside is they will then be on another site, and could go start looking on other provider’s profiles and not contact you for work. As of now, Odesk really has jobs that are way below the minimum rate even for developing countries (I am an Indian and I can vouch for that). While all of these job boards are still at the bottom end of the pyramid, it works to get a continuous flow of work. You talk about oDesk workers as if they are being forced on the computer against their will. I’m saying that under no circumstances are there writers, programmers, data entry experts, and other internet workers with guns to their heads as they type away. I wonder how many people in Seattle will freelance online when the minimum wage rises to $15 an hour. That may not sound terrible for people who are used to labor intensive jobs, but don’t underestimate the difficulties of the mental arts.
Even people in America who aren’t familiar with the industry can get caught up in scams.
And heck, there’s places here in the US that have fooled me too and made me believe they were legit. Then it’s time to leave the boat, figure out how to come outta the rat race with all your mind straight, fight daily stress, anxiety, low selfesteem, to be able to eventually find better paying gigs, that suit your skills better, with better clients. If there are none, send an email with a cover letter and resume to the address next to “Reply to this post” at the top. After a bit of research and online digging, I’ve come across 68 more freelancing sites and job boards for you to find the freelance jobs of your dreams. Also, if your website visitor has never heard of oDesk or doesn’t want to create a profile, then that may be a barrier for them to work with you.
You might even be scammed by some principals and believe me there are plenty of them in Odesk especially for fixed price contracts.

Your arguments are insulting to anyone who has no choice but to keep taking low paying jobs while desperately looking for something better.
Writing for more than a few hours straight gives me massive headaches…but that is all beside the point.
If that means working for less than what you think you’re worth at first, do it and get through it.
Now a days its getting difficult as the competition is increasing and skills resources are available at low cost. He was forced to take down the article and lost his credibility in the site that he was posting as a guest. I have found a couple pretty good oDesk jobs in the past year or so, but I only got them because I had killer feedback and proof that I knew my stuff (which I do…lol).
If they are making significantly less than minimum wage on the internet, they can go to McDonald’s, find a job, and pick up work online whenever something comes around worthy of their time. At that point you have only been pleasing a bunch of lowlives who don’t even realize your potential. Kindly guide me on how I can start with, and which will be the best place to find freelance editing jobs on the Internet. Once, when rentacoder(now vworker) was starting, the bids were public, and the result was people got very low in the way they behaved, say like proposing 5$ for a project that was worth 500…so rentacoder decided after a month and a half to make bids private so contractors could not see what others bid anymore. We are forced into low wage dead end jobs because our professional careers were out sourced and we all have become economic slaves to those who outsourced our American lives! However, for someone in a third world country, I imagine that they see these contracts in a country like America, and they don’t make that connection. Now, oDesk has a nice gui yeah, and there is worse, there certainly is, that’s the sad truth too. The majority of us aren’t given great opportunities from the start, and most change careers a few times in life before finding something that works for them. If you have better things to do offline, it is best stay away from freelancing because the competition is terrible. Of course people are free of their choices, and can’t decide to land better gigs, but sometimes the wallet says otherwise.

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