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Working as a freelance public relations writer involves writing both convincingly and logically. Average Freelance Public Relations Writers salaries for job postings in United States are the same as average Freelance Public Relations Writers salaries for job postings nationwide. Mirroring the media's dramatic shift from print to online and from the Big Three networks to blogs and influential cable channels, public relations is changing just as quickly. Not long ago, PR jobs involved pitching press releases to newspaper editors and preparing spokespeople for video interviews. PR jobs have always demanded quality writing skills above all other capabilities, which is what many hiring managers look for first.

Whether you're looking to break into the field or advance your career, here are five tips for landing your next gig in public relations. It goes without saying that professionals seeking PR jobs should be strong writers and confident speakers. Just as graphic designers prepare portfolios of their designs and visual work, candidates seeking PR jobs should package their strongest writing clips.
These days, PR jobs involve managing social media communication, connecting with reporters from non-traditional news outlets, search engine optimization, and many other tactics aimed at shaping and communicating the messages of the company. Equally important, however, is being well-versed in strategic planning, content development, digital communication, crisis management and public speaking, to name a few.

Check out the TCG blog for salary information and other related topics, visit our Job Search page to find current PR jobs and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for industry updates. Managers seeking candidates for PR jobs are looking for people with both strategic experience and tactical skills; a functional resume format conveys that information quickly.

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