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In a way, I think I have managed to become successful freelancer, but it wasn’t always easy. I’m not telling you to be some sort of jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none, but as a freelancer you should cover a wider range of technologies.
As a freelancer, I’m already stressed enough with technology problems and customer relationships and shouldn’t need to worry about anything else.
You may even help other fellow freelancers by recommending them to customers that you couldn’t accept. So far, I have been enjoying the freelance experience and I don’t regret my decision, but I cannot tell you to do the same. Roberto Cortez has been a professional Java Developer for the last eight years, working with technologies like JavaEE, Spring, Hibernate, GWT, JBoss AS and Maven, but saving his fanboy-ism for his favorite IDE: IntelliJ IDEA. Was a really interesting read, freelancing has its pros and cons and it was nice to read your tips. A lot of the freelancers I know, including myself, started to work freelance to our previous employers.

I am beginning my career as a JAVA freelancer and will need lots of such articles from you in order to gain confidence and enthusiasm..
I think that today is much easier to start as a Java developer, since there are a lot of online materials and tutorial.
As a satisfied user i would like to suggest a website ,Which provides very useful information and guidelines about freelance java developer . My development experience over the last 8 years has been mainly in the areas of Finance, Insurance and Government, but about a year ago I started to work as a Java Freelancer for three different customers and now I’m considering creating a company to handle all the requests I have.
Recently, he created the Coimbra Java User Group and started on the path of a freelancer, traveling around the world (an old dream) to customers and Java conferences. I am a freelance java developer i have been in this profession for past 3 years and i found these information are very helpful .
The following thoughts are my humble contributions to steer people that want to change their professional career and experience the way of a freelancer. I worked for the same company in Portugal for 7 years until I had enough confidence in my own skills that would allow me to move to freelance.

When you are part of a company, their own departments handle most of the financial details, but freelancers are a one-man show, so they need to handle taxes, insurance, registrations and all that on their own. Keep also in mind that you should balance your professional and personal life or you may get burned pretty quickly and regret your change to freelance. I would be willing to take on part of another freelancer’s project for free so that I can get some experience and a referral.
If you can do it straight away, great, but in my opinion gathering enough experience early on will increase your chances to become a successful freelancer in the future.

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