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Let’s say you’re a software developer with a sudden, inexplicable desire to waste your time, squander your talents, and lose any credibility you may have, simply by making a bad app. First, we need to identify exactly what makes an app bad so we can set the bar as low as possible. One of the best things about Python freelancing is also one of the best things about Python itself: the code is generally really clean. Along with docstrings, many Python developers are very dedicated to writing good documentation.
One of the frustrating things about Python freelancing is that there are often more qualified developers than there are jobs. Python freelancing has been a fulfilling part of my life and lead me to many great friends and acquaintances.

Learn the general purpose programming language Python and you will be able to build applications and tools. From the ground floor up, good software is created through communication, whether with a freelance programmer or in-house talent. If your objective is to make a bad app, by all means, ignore any and all constructive criticism aimed at improving your product.
But, many of us don’t necessarily like working in an office or for one single product or company, so a lot of us become freelancers. And if your app operates at a glacial pace, that’s also a sure way to create a bad reputation for your work.
The faster it becomes outdated and irrelevant, the sooner you’ll succeed in your quest to make a truly bad app.

Even luckier, I’ve been able to be a Python programmer for almost all of my freelancing career. Like all fields, especially in freelancing, there are good, bad, and ugly parts to this field.

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