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Being a freelancer can be extremely advantageous and is probably a dream for many designers and developers who are tired of the cubicle lifestyle. More: Check out our Guide to Freelancing series for more tips, pointers and discussions of what matters most to freelancers.
Find or post a project or post on this platform to get the best bids from a gamut of skilled web designers, copywriters or freelance programmers. A popular online portal for freelancers, this is the ultimate place to meet professionals with business, technical and marketing expertise to get work done at an affordable price. A house for creatives and developers of many fields to find freelance gigs from all over the world.
StackOverflow is not only a solution-churning site, it also provides job listings of tech companies from all over the world. A nice job portal to find programming and designing jobs, among many other job opportunities.
WordPress developers can find big opportunities in WPHired for a WordPress-related project, as a freelance, an intern or a full-time position.
As the name suggests, this is a site where you can find jobs which you can do from the comforts of your home, or wherever you like.
LocalSolo is a site to find local freelancers in many countries from a wide range of expertise including design, engineering, copywriting, photography, and even analyst. In order to avoid bankroll disruptions and to create the illusion of a steady income, freelancers have to scout for jobs frequently, looking for new contracts. Elance, a rather more conventional freelancing website, is a place where contractors can post projects on which us, the working segment, bid for winning the job.
Although I personally do not like bidding against cheaper freelancers, Elance helps seekers with an average bid system, which shows what is the highest and the lowest bid until the moment, and the average sum for all those interested. One of the things I like about oDesk is the variety of posted jobs, the number of contractors offering work projects and the easiness of the payout system. Freelancer is probably the most known source of getting gigs, and we dare to say that here’s the place were most people find something to work on. I’ve always though of Freelance Switch as a tricky place, especially for those hunting projects often. Anyone wishing to apply for a job posted here must pay $7 each month, a subscription which renews itself automatically. Yes, that weird minimalist looking website which people use each day for selling or purchasing seldom goods is perhaps one of the best places to find a freelancing position. Once arriving at the homepage, you will have to click on a relevant city (New York or Barcelona lets say) and then choose a relevant domain, from the Jobs section. Project4Hire – a rather small source for freelancing which is somewhat similar to Elance, this website allows people to post jobs in a couple of minutes.
FreeIndex – although based on UK, FreeIndex offers posts from all over the world, especially in the web design and programming domain. When it comes to freelance job opportunities, there are lots of them to be discovered if you know where—and how—to look.
This also goes for freelancers who have their own blog or contribute to other blogs—your freelance specialty should be listed in your author profiles so people who see your content can find out quickly that you’re available to hire. Twitter has one of the best social search engines that you can use to find freelance job opportunities. The results will likely be a mix of ads from freelance and job networks as well as ads placed directly on company websites. There are lots of reputable freelance job networks that connect companies with the freelancers they need.
Elance – Freelancers can search for jobs in administration, consulting, design, engineering, legal, marketing, programming, and writing. People Per Hour – Freelancers can search for jobs in administration, business support, creative arts, design, marketing, mobile, search marketing, social media, software development, translation, tutorials, video, and web development. Flex Jobs – Freelancers can search for jobs in a wide variety of categories, from account management to writing.

Then there are job boards that allow you to search for jobs and contact the offering companies. Freelance Switch Job Board – The popular freelance blog has a job board with listings in design, development, Flash, illustration, and writing. Smashing Magazine Job Board – The popular design site has a job board with freelance job listings for designers and programmers. Mashable Job Board – The popular social media and technology blog has a job board with listings in advertising, business, design, development, marketing, public relations, social media, and technology. ProBlogger Job Board – The popular blog about blogging has a job board with listings for bloggers, editors, and podcasters.
Try variations like freelance photographer and freelance photography, or freelance writer and freelance writing. Last, but not least, you can look in traditional job boards and searches for companies in need of freelancers. Monster – Use the main search or advanced search for freelance plus your specialty, such as freelance writer, freelance designer, or similar searches.
Simply Hired – Simply Hired is a search engine that looks for jobs on other smaller networks. Indeed – Indeed is another search engine that looks for jobs on other smaller networks.
Craigslist – Unlike CareerBuilder or Monster where you can search for jobs nationwide, you will have to go through Craigslist by city.
Even if you don’t need freelance work, setting this up as you come across new job sources can keep you confident that you’ll always be able to find work. Just like there are tons of different freelance job boards, there are also tons of directories (depending on your specialty) and resource pages that companies could be browsing to find talent. Some examples to get your mind going in the right direction include the Society of Professional Journalists Freelancer Directory, Shopify Ecommerce Website Developers, Genesis Developers, Freelance Designers, and SmartShoot for freelance photographers.
If you want to strengthen a relationship with another freelancer, be sure to send some work their way when it is out of your scope.
Make a Living Writing – Help educate freelance writers on how to grow their business for $50 per post. As you can see, the freelance world is exploding with opportunities if you know where to look. This blog is perfect as I make a case in my business plan on how i’m going to find work as a freelance application developer.
You can try LanceMate – A Google Chrome Extension to search multiple freelance sites simultaneously, setup automatic searches with alerts, filter using advanced options and auto-fill bids by storing them once.
Great ideas listed for every category in freelancing career but I have some queries regarding list of freelancer website like elance, upwork and many more. Do you have any tips to make a resulting proposal in elance or odesk because these freelancing platform are good for start. Not only do you get to choose only the jobs you are really interested in, you also have total flexibility in terms of time, whom you want to work with, and where you want to work at. To help you with this we have listed the best 50 freelancing job sites to help you in your project search. You can apply as a freelance developer with the possibility of working with top tech companies or a cool startup. To apply for the job, you will need a Stack Career Accounts (you’ll need to be invited first). Herein you can find some jobs surrounding the WordPress ecosystem such as plugin development, theme customization, or WordPress-site optimization. Once you sign up for LinkedIn, you can start lookign for freelance jobs of your interest in the LinkedIn job board.
To apply as a freelancer in, you would need a Github account, filled with great codes and repositories, to be qualified. And when your great desires are paired with the fact that you lack a steady job, and wish for a more flexible schedule, freelancing is the way to go.

Sometimes, even after years of freelancing, people may find themselves out of work and out of any employees.
Depending on how low are your expectations and how experienced is the freelancer, the employer picks a person and assigns the project.
This is a simple to use website, which offers jobs to beginners and professionals as well, while helping clients of both sides getting what they want. Another scheme used by the service is to subtract hidden fees from finished projects, which surely don’t drop nicely for freelancers. Although their job board environment is not as crowded, usually there are around 10 new jobs every week, aiming mostly people in the web-design and content production area. With highly paid jobs and interesting thing to work on in the tech or IT sphere, there’s always a catch; and in our case, it’s a premium access fee, worth $7 each month. Here you can find anything related to writing, programming and designing, so you will certainly have your hands full for a week or two. Whether you just want to see what’s out there, make some income on the side, or grow your current freelance customer base, this guide has nine great ways to discover new work opportunities for any freelancer.
If so, you should make sure that anyone who visits those profiles can see quickly that you are a freelancer. You can use the following search queries—just replace writer with your own freelance specialty. First, you have the general freelance job networks that allow freelancers to create free profiles and search for jobs in a wide variety of specialties. Use the advanced search to find jobs with freelance in the job title or use the advanced search operator title:(freelance writer) in the search box, modifying it to fit your freelance specialty.
For example, freelance writers can earn money by submitting posts to the following sites about the freelancing business. You can get an idea of what other freelancers have to offer by looking at freelance experts on or browsing the people in specific topics. Check us out for an alternative that does not need to bid on the jobs, driving price down, and that emphasizes the idea of hiring LOCAL freelancers to leverage the face-to-face interaction. Another thing I want to suggest here along side with social media and open source contribution is participating in design and development forums like stackoverflow. If you a company or individual looking to outsource or hire a freelancer, these sites will be able to serve that purpose as well.
The only thing left to do is to search for new jobs, and we are here to help with that task. After registering an account, users have the possibility of browsing through over 75 categories, and thanks to their original, but optional, paying system, freelancers can be paid at an hourly rate.
This is accomplished through the use of an interesting screenshot system, which instantly sends captures of the freelancer display. Also, when you do find a job, pay close attention to the job description, before submitting a request. You can search for specific job boards and networks like these for your specialty by using the following queries on Google—just change writer to your own area of expertise. When you find a resource that consistently lists new freelance positions, look for a text link for RSS or the traditional orange RSS icons.
We specialize in creative work and charge the freelancers much less than the other services. Once you’re finished, you can quickly browse all of the newest jobs for your freelance specialty in one place. If you know other freelancers who aren’t the competition, reach out to them to see if they or their clients need help with the things you are good at doing.

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