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When you set freelance web design rates, make sure that you are providing value for your clients.
What you charge as a freelance web designer depends largely on your location and your experience.
Graphic design rates are quite high these days and the truth is that this isn’t a viable long term strategy in only providing graphic design services. While I agree with some of what you state, I think the most important aspect of this all and why those freelance sites are so popular has a lot to do with just what are you comfortable living with.
Another option for freelancers is to use the services of other freelancers on sites such as ours, which offer freelancers the opportunity to promote their Online Marketing services for free until they actually sell them, and only then do they pay us a small fee, allowing them to offer their services at very reasonable rates. Before you go you start talking to programmers and developers you should read up on the basics of the language that you need a programmer in. The reality is that there is no good reason for a developer to charge more than the market rate provided they are not in business for themselves full time.
It is because of this that I would prioritize hiring someone who has a full time job over hiring someone that is a full time freelancer or independent developer.
A programmer’s motivation to work for sweat equity is something else that founders tend to take for granted.
If you talk to enough programmers you start to figure out that they are talking to each other or working off the same set of rules.

Ask your technical advisor to help you come up with a very simple project that would take no more than 2-3 hours to complete for the average programmer. Considering that the freelancer is going to eat $7.15 per hour of burden which adds up to $13,942 per year that is quite a markup. Don’t get me wrong, there are companies out there who will pay top dollar for work to be done by programmers.
You can’t actually bill for every single minute of work you do as a freelance web designer.
As a freelancer, you want to make sure you document everything the client wants and have them sign off so that there are not any issues at the end.
If this is the case then all bets are off because the market rate or the rate you can get is higher because a programmer will have a steep learning curve or be in demand based on their rare capabilities and experience.
Each programmer should do this with you and potentially your developer friend present to see how they work and to see how they work with you. It is really difficult to be a full time freelance developer and do business development at the same time.
Indeed, one of the reasons I hate those freelance marketplaces that are based around bidding is that it encourages you to work for ridiculously lower prices. You don’t need to let them walk all over you (stick to your rates if you really feel you are worth it), but you do want to make a true effort to satisfy your clients.

According to NJ Creatives Network, the lowest rate for hourly design rates is $40, and the highest is $75 (although I know freelance web designers that charge $100 an hour), with an average of $59 an hour.
For the less tech savvy check for a summary and history of the programming language on Wikipedia at the very least. This means you have to get inside the head of a programmer who might want to work for your startup.
It’s great for cheap clients, but rather hard on the freelance professional trying to make a living. Because someone charges less than the user group beer discussion rate or less than a full service development firm charges does not make them less professional.
You might not be aiming to become a programmer, but if you take the time to learn some basics then you might have a better comprehension of the subject matter. More importantly, rate is only one aspect of considering your project as I have stated above.

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