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These pieces of advice are coming from the perspective of my experience as a freelance social media and digital PR consultant.
Lastly, freelancing is one of the most rewarding, enjoyable experiences you can have in your work.
And if you have any other questions or are a freelancer who wants to give some advice, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap.
While it helps to try and have some work lined up before you go freelance, this isn’t always possible. You don’t need to break away from your employer as soon as you decide to go freelance. Most of your initial work will come from referrals and people that know you, so ensure that everyone you are connected to knows you are available as a freelancer.
Going freelance can feel like jumping off a fiscal cliff with no definite financial income to support you.
One of the reasons that you get paid less at a full time job compared to a freelance job is that there is a nice, friendly team in the office taking care of all of your financial needs – from salary to national insurance to tax.

Thanks for the insight, Jon – fun and scary are definitely two ways of describing freelance life!
This Week On The Web - THE DAME INTERNATIONAL - […] A really helpful article on going freelance. Self-publishing a book on freelancing in 100 days - How To Go Freelance - […] originally has the idea for the book after looking through my blog stats. I’ve been lucky enough to have a successful freelance career as a social media and digital PR consultant for the last few years. If not, then there is a rough way to work out your day rate, although it is different for every freelancer depending where they are in their career, their skills, demand for their expertise, state of the job market, demand for freelancers, etc. Join a network that runs regular freelance events or check the likes of Eventbrite and Meetup for relevant events happening near you. I have freelanced for year at digital agencies – no designer I knew was on Windows and most coders had macs as well. There are more and more of freelancers out there at the moment; just launching yourself into the marketplace without being pretty sure you can rustle up a bit of work is madness.

Obviously, adjust this amount if you think you might not get that much work in or want to take a few more holidays that year, or if you’re very confident or feel that you are worth more (one of the main reasons that people go freelance in the first place!).
Plus, you can be active on email and social networks while on the move, allowing you to be in touch with clients or marketing yourself wherever you are. You’ll be given the kudos by the client for recommending someone else to do the work, and the freelancer for giving them more paid work. I have been soaking in so much information from Google to YouTube and also growing my network.
So, save a bit before you go freelance, network a bit as well, and you’ll be in a much better position. I currently have 2 mentors, one a successful business owner and the other a former consultant.

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