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There are 2 things that can prove that freelance jobs opportunities in India is better than any other career options.
First is average freelancer make more money than an average salaried person & second India still has only 15 millions freelancers as compared to 53 millions in USA. So there is a great potential for a freelancer in India because there is high demand for freelancers but number of freelancers are less.
There are dozens of freelance sites on internet where you can find good earning opportunities. These freelancing job sites provide you myriads of jobs covering almost every area or industry. Its better you take the training from a training institute for website development so that you can be confident of working as a freelance web developer. Article writing is one of the top freelance jobs that is easy if you have a firm grip on few things like the language you are writing in, the grammar, sentence construction. The ways of performing data entry jobs varies with the data entry operators who work for micro labor outfits using crowd sourcing techniques and the traditional data entry companies which are generally business process outsourcing firms.

So multimedia and designing has also become a top freelance job that is being accepted by the job seekers of related fields.
Its one of the hottest freelance jobs in internet because companies pay you heavy amount monthly for your work. Now-a-days, the sectors of marketing & sales have stretched their realms to the world of freelancing widely. Whether it is a crucial task of the finance department of a firm or management of a new project, the freelancers handle it all tactfully. Legal works are also included now in the area of freelancing with the advancement of technologies.
Continuous up-gradations and maintenance of those are need, for which freelancers are appointed. This is also a well-known freelance job that supports various administrative affairs sitting in home.
Customer service related to a product like an electronic gadget or a home appliance or a car is one of the top freelance jobs one can do.

Just like a virtual assistant or a project management done from home or like administrative support, freelancing or doing part time job for office and admin is an effective job gaining popularity among job seekers now. These include sectors like electronic data processing, word processing, typing, transcribing, coding and clerical jobs. The marketing strategies of many reputed companies and their sales jobs are done by the freelancers, often, by the online services. While the freelancers get access all the necessary details, they can inspect them and take wise decisions too, for a project.

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