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We are an experienced freelance digital marketing team; with over 30 years combined experience!
Recently we were approached by an established digital agency to assist them with a large public sector tender. Hello!Braid Consulting combine the key disciplines of online marketing and web project management into a service akin to having your own senior online marketing and project management team, but on a day rate, not on the employee list. According to Elance, the leading US online employment platform, there has been a steady increase in the demand for digital marketing services worldwide. Some of the proposed reasons for this surge in demand for digital marketing services include: (Economy) Difficult economic conditions over the last years that have put a strain on marketing budgets, (Flexibility) the increasing variation of marketing disciplines and campaigns in the digital age, (Specialisms) and the necessity for specialized expertise.
When marketers think about freelance work, many put their fears ahead of taking the plunge and building up their own business.
According to a report from Elance, digital marketing skills are increasing amongst the freelance community.
One huge advantage of working freelance is you get to choose what kind of clients you work with.

By getting involved within the freelance work ethic, you are able to gain better work prospects because, to a certain extent, you can choose which projects you work on. Very often when it comes to freelance work, you can sometimes earn a better wage purely because you set your own prices, within reason of course.
Along with this, you can also engage in CIM or CAM marketing qualifications to help better your skills as a freelancer in marketing. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is an extremely large and successful professional marketing institution that has become well established globally. The Communications, Advertising and Marketing (CAM) Foundation focuses on the implementation of digital marketing campaigns and plans. In addition to all of this, 69% of people admit they are happier doing freelance work than when they were in full time employment.
Average Freelance Digital Marketing Content Writer salaries for job postings in Bohemia, NY are 12% higher than average Freelance Digital Marketing Content Writer salaries for job postings nationwide. With an extremely competitive job market where full time jobs are now few, companies have started to hire more freelance workers in order to meet the core skills required internally.

Although freelance work is beneficial for your own personal development and your CV, you can also increase your chances of gaining more clients by expanding your expertise.
Offering a range of different courses that tailor to a variety of needs and levels, CIM courses demonstrate how to execute marketing activities, how to gain marketing credibility and offers practical insights into the industry. Their courses cover digital marketing behaviour, marketing essentials and marketing planning, where they demonstrate how to use certain media platforms to meet certain contemporary needs and trends. These skills are then easily transferred as an external source through that particular agency and are able to enter the new age marketing world. The main skills currently in demand within the industry at 57% are IT and Programming, followed by Marketing and Content Creation, which is ranking high year on year.

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