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When I first saw a web site designer who had posted a laundry list of prices on his site, I gasped in horror. When it comes to custom web design for clients, their price list is presented in two parts. One thing that cannot be ignored, if you look at what is included in both custom packages: There is almost no way for a freelancer or design studio to compete with these prices. Triad Web Design is yet another contender in the rising number of price list companies that are increasing. If I had put $70-105 on my website as my Logo Design fee, then I would be stuck when Client No.
In short, placing a price list on your website may put you in a position where you have to bargain for a better rate or fee if you feel a project requires more work than customary. Unfortunately, this person is not a full-time professional designer (and very limited part-time, as per her LinkedIn profile), as her rates attest and help lower the bar for full time designers. Unless you can really judge the time it takes to execute a project, a flat rate can be a money-losing possibility. There has long been the agreement among designers that a written quote should have a time period of two to four weeks in which that quote is considered “good.” You can honor it months later if you have no need to raise the quote or wish to gain the client but, if the price is changed on your site in March and someone comes back in June and demands February prices, I believe that’s a red flag that you don’t want to get involved with such a client…and would only end up spitting on their burger!
I guess if you are in the ‘drive-thru’ design business, then posting your fees would be appropriate and go ahead and offer them the option to supersize their logo for an extra fee. My suggestion is to have a low, medium and high rate card that you submit via email after initial contact with the client.

A well-made contact form with clear instructions should direct them to contact you for rates and quotes. I do think for smaller businesses and freelancers whilst getting established this may be harder to do.
Posting my hourly rates (which do apply for any work out of scope, per my contract) have eliminated a lot of people from contacting me that I wouldn’t have time for anyway.
Total votes: 232Always - experiences differ by screen (37 votes, 16%)No - that’s not responsive design! Under much discussion and anger amongst some of my local peers was an ad posted by a designer that promised ANY design job for $299 with unlimited revisions. I too often hear my peer designers complain about a client who wants something extra, a complete change, to renegotiate the original price and other problems we usually encounter.
The first part is a quick overview of “standard” and “premium” design but it isn’t a one-time fee.
Their flat rate includes, among a laundry list of services, “unlimited revisions.” Whether they are off shore outsourced isn’t a concern – they are competition that must be considered with price levels set by freelancers and design firms alike. While my lump sum is based upon my hourly rate, I determine the level of effort on the entirety of the project and not on exactly the length of time it’s going to take me. To keep extraneous changes from draining the fee, what is promised under the price would have to be iron clad with an hourly change rate listed for work above and beyond the flat fee. There ARE great freelancers all over this planet and just because they have a lower cost of living and take advantage of that in no way diminishes the quality of their work.

But I provide various hourly rates (depending on the urgency of the project) and the type of work being done. With prices like these, you might as well give up design, join the armed forces, and kill everyone in the nation that provides this cheap work! By posting fixed prices, the customer might get fixated on the hourly rate or on fixed lump sums for projects instead of my estimate of the level of effort.
Out of the fifteen answers I received on LinkedIn, almost all the respondents agreed that they would rather have a consultation with the client first and prove the value of their service and then negotiate the price. Mobile development does not have the same hourly rate as print layout for example and both have different hourly rates if the project is needed within 1-5 days or more than 30 days. When designers complain that they are being asked for free work, it’s by those who have seen the $4.99 a month option. I have tiered packages for ecommerce (that’s what we do the most of) which consists of a base price and is additive based on the level of design needed. For such a simple project, I would charge $70 – 105 for two logo designs, and then have the client take elements of both or choose one as the final.

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