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All of these descriptions have one thing in common: They were taken from recent unpaid internship postings on the job board run by the New York Foundation for the Arts, or NYFA. The pervasiveness of gallery internships on NYFA’s job boards raises questions about the extent to which the foundation should actively screen postings to ensure that they comply with state and federal labor laws. Reached by email, Michael Royce, NYFA’s executive director, said the group screens postings vigorously.

Those postings, which circulated on social media, rekindled a common complaint among aspiring arts professionals: that arts organizations habitually take advantage of their glamorous reputations to entice job candidates who are willing and able to work for no pay. But for NYFA, being more selective about the jobs it posts would involve more than just giving up bragging rights; it would mean giving up revenue -- it charges employers $70 to post a two-week job listing. Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet #71 specifically states that interns in the for-profit sector “may not displace regular employees.” And yet posting after posting features unpaid art-gallery job descriptions that are virtually indistinguishable from any other retail environment.

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