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Whether you are looking to expand your job search or want to relocate to be closer to friends and family, finding a job out-of-state comes with challenges.
Your Relocation ReasonEmployers will question why you are looking to relocate out of state for a job, particularly if the job is not a promotion and does not come with an executive's paycheck. ExpenseMany employers may shy away from hiring people from out of the area because of the relocation expense involved. LiesAvoid trying to overcome the obstacle of applying for an out-of-state position by lying about your place of residence.

A local network can help you seek likely job opportunities, provide overnight accommodations when you visit for an interview and help you scope out a likely neighborhood to move into.
If you lie, you will later have to expand on the lie when you are asked to participate in a last-minute interview or if you are offered a short start date. On your resume, add a statement beneath your current address with an estimated relocation date to the new area and, possibly, the reason for the move. If you can afford to move, you may want relocate before looking for a job; that way, you avoid the stigma of applying from out of state.

For example, if you are moving because your spouse was transferred to a new office, this information would reassure a perspective employer that you are not just randomly applying for jobs across the nation.
Keep in mind that a job search out of the area also comes with the added expense of last minute travel costs for interviews, and budget accordingly.

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