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Good news for all those who are looking to get jobs in Dubai is that according to a latest survey 83% of companies in United Arab Emirates are planning to recruit in 2013.
As Dubai job market is very competitive its is very important to identify your objectives and you should know your strength and weaknesses.
It is some how very important that you should keep applying regularly for a month before coming to Dubai. Because Dubai has become the hot spot for job searchers from all over the world it’s very easy for the job searcher to get disappointed with the result.
In my personal opinion its a wise thing to plan few days or a month trip to Dubai and search for the job or check out the market yourself.
If someone have any more tip please do share with us as everyone wants to try their luck or if you ask me for recommendation then instead of wasting your time here and there you should Click Here for the complete and detail guide on how to get job in Dubai.

Finding jobs in USA and UK was never been so smooth and easy before advent of online jobs portals. Dubai has been voted as the 2nd Top city in Middle East and Northern Africa to live in and rated as the 5th Top city in region for possibility of getting a job. Here we are going to mention 8 top tips you must follow to make your Job hunt in Dubai easy and to increase possibilities of getting hired in Dubai. You should understand the fact that its not very easy to get job in Dubai with such a high competitions. As the number of online job portals with thousands of jobs is available so people do not have to make much effort for finding a desire job in United Kingdom. All the countries in the gulf region are rich countries and they offer a lot of opportunities to jobs in Gulf.

After arriving Dubai do not forget to update your contact information on your online CV and on public profile. But at same time Dubai has the lowest unemployment rate in world and getting a good job is not something impossible. I am here listing some most popular jobs websites in Dubai, where you can find out jobs in all sectors and from all levels like junior level to senior management. It is very important to keep applying for jobs and keep refreshing your CV on regular basis.

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