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These days, most news about the job market instantly dumps us into that survival-based mode. If you don’t need a new job right away, forget about job hunting until your target is clear and specific. Look for clues about how you and the workplace best fit together so you don’t wind up squeezed into the wrong job. Read, search online, and talk with several people who do exactly the job you are considering.

While this may have helped our ancestors deal with saber-tooth tigers, fear-based job hunting saps our energy, creativity and clear thinking. Since employers pay you to perform specific functions, start your job hunt by thinking about what you do happily, naturally, perhaps even brilliantly: your innate talents and a lifetime of experiences. The most effective strategy is to find creative ways to get to meet and speak with several decision-makers: people who could actually hire you to do the job you want. Then, when a job becomes available, you have something better than the perfect resumé, you are known.

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