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If you're not sure which direction your career should go in, you're thinking about making a career change, or you just want to feel more fulfilled in your career, these ten tips might help. Ideally, everyone would know their true calling early in life and find happiness in their work, but it often doesn't work that way. That said, we know there are better ways to choose a career than just following your parents' footsteps or choosing randomly. A mentor could help you take your career to the next level and give you the insider insight to help you make sure you're on the right path. Take the MAPP TestCareer testing is perfect if you hate your current job are looking for your next real career opportunity!
Take the MAPP TestCareer testing is perfect if you're unemployed or underemployed and are looking for your next job opportunity. Take the MAPP TestMAPP is the first and most comprehensive assessment for students to find the right curriculum for them. The first and best online career test, the MAPP career assessment is perfect for students, graduates and working adults.
If you go to work every week with the mantra "I hate my job!," this week's blog post is for you!
After taking the 15-minute career test, Amanda learned why she was so frustrated and unfulfilled in her job. The 2014 Ultimate Career Guide offers you a ton of valuable tips you need to find a job in your ideal career -- the job you were made for! If you’re wondering if it’s time to quit, take the test to see how many of these warning signs you exhibit.
Taking a career placement test can be an excellent starting point when you are trying to make career decisions. You need to first determine why you are taking a career test and what you want to get out of it, so you can use the assessment tool that is right for your needs. An interest inventory will show how your interests compare to the typical interests of people in a variety of different types of jobs.

Your interests are compared with the interests of thousands of individuals who work in a wide variety of fields. The interest inventory will provide you with a list of jobs in which your interests match closely with the interests of people who are already happily working in those fields.
Personality assessments focus on helping you to develop a deeper understanding of your personality and to determine jobs that tend to be a good fit for people who fall within each personality type. On the other hand, an interest inventory typically has a stronger focus toward matching you with potential jobs that fit with your interests. Although there is some overlap between interest inventories and personality assessments, they are two different types of tests.
A personality test does not predict whether you have the ability to easily learn the skills required to do a specific type of job. This type of career placement test can help you to think through your work values or preferences. For example, a work values inventory may ask you to rank the importance of things like earning a high salary, engaging in social interaction, contributing to society or gaining status through your job. A work values inventory does not assess whether you have the ability to easily learn the skills required to do a specific type of job. Normally completing a skills assessment involves brainstorming alone or with a professional to list all of the skills you could bring to a job. Skills assessments can help you to see how your skill set may fit with jobs other than the type of work you have done in the past. Career placement tests can be extremely helpful, but they can also be quite pricey to take.
If you don't have access to free or inexpensive assessments, and paying the full price is out of your budget, the book Do What You Are is an excellent, budget-friendly alternative. The Career Placement Test was Very Useful A couple of years ago, I took a career placement class at the community college.
Career Choice Guide provides free job search and career planning information written by an experienced career coach.

Career assessment tests in college or even high school help narrow down a field (perhaps with the Myers-Briggs personality index), but if it's been a while since you took those tests, there are other kinds of assessment tests you can take.
If you feel uninspired by the typical choices, know that there are thousands of unusual jobs you might not have heard about, hidden, perhaps, in the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Handbook. Your LinkedIn network (or other social media sites, but especially LinkedIn) might be a good place to start mining for information. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint and it can turn out to be a very winding road indeed, knitted together from all of your experiences into, hopefully, a career worth having. You'll get a wealth of informationto help find the right career that matches your unique assessment profile.
You’ll get a wealth of information to help you find the right job that matches your unique career assessment. Only the MAPP career assessment will take your unique career aptitude test results and match them to real careers and real jobs that are right for you. I’ve talked to a lot of people who hate their jobs and I’ve noticed some common warning signs. For example, if you are introverted, intuitive, you make decisions based on your feelings, and you like to keep decisions open, a good personality test will provide you with jobs that fit with that combination of personality traits. This one from Rasmussen College matches your self-reported skills and interests with potential jobs. Also, don't forget your local library's reference librarian can point you to career resources.
After one especially frustrating day, she Googled "career test," and found the MAPP career test.

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