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Let everyone know just how mad you are by slamming drawers and giving your boss really dirty looks. Circulating through the party with a serving tray of goat cheese and caramelized onion tartlets. Use the opportunity to manipulate your boss to help your friends (and undermine your rivals). Relax with some spreadsheets, inspecting the work of your staff to ensure that everything is perfect. Join Topsy, Scooter, and other executives you've served on boards with for decades at a formal charity event. Head over to your neighbor's house, where there's usually something exciting going on!

Pack your carry-on with cigarettes, sewing kit, and Sudoku puzzles (to keep your mind sharp). Sign up for MASTERPIECE email and get the latest scoop on the series, exclusive video, sweepstakes and more. As war draws closer to home, the women have their own battles to fight in the Season 1 finale of Home Fires as seen on MASTERPIECE on PBS. An Indian Summers, Episode 6 synopsis to help you catch up before Episode 7 airs this Sunday!
Your professional aspirations aren't to climb the corporate ladder and become an instrument of oppression! You've snuck off to make out with your manager, in illicit disregard of company policy.

Take the quiz to find out, and then share your job announcement with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Watch Indian Summers only on MASTERPIECE on PBS, then watch full episodes online for a limited time.

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