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The site invites you into find out more by means of connecting on its social platforms and signing up to an email list. There are other sites as well – Vimeo (a video sharing site like YouTube) and Flickr (a photo sharing site) are both used, as they are two of the largest media sharing sites around.
While this campaign obviously has a great deal of money and resources from the Icelandic Tourist Board, as well as a professional digital media firm doing the heavy lifting, it is a great case study of how to run a consistent theme, message and identity across multiple platforms – where they can all build upon each other, rather than be diluted.
The growth of social media sites has been a phenomenon in the last few years though, it’s yet to reach a level where internet users start considering it as a valuable piece of sources to leverage for their jobs. According to the report, most of these employed users give great importance to email (61%) and internet (54%) but do not pay much attention to social networking sites like Facebook Inc. 59% of the employed online adults take their job outside their workplace by staying connected through email and the internet. 46% of American employers surveyed admit that the emergence and existence of email, internet and cell phones have made them more productive. 59% of the office-based employees and 42% of the non-office based employees think that internet, email and cell phones help them in expanding the number of people they can communicate with outside their companies.

Nearly half of the people surveyed found access to the Internet, email and phones enhance their productivity. In an era of offline and online networking, employees feel more confident and comfortable when allowed to stay connected with the outside world through the Internet, email or phone. This means people searching on Google or Bing for Iceland are more likely to find posts from this blog.
Facebook is a good place to encourage people to subscribe to your email list – you can then communicate with them via Facebook (which has its limitations) as well as by email. With photos and videos created to populate the other sites, locating all your photos and videos in a single location is a great idea, as well as providing an opportunity for the users of those sites to engage with you. Consistency, a range of social media channels, and an authentic voice are all reasons that this campaign stands out for me. Only 4% of Internet users have found social media important to perform their job unlike email and the Internet. Since many people use Tumblr (it is one of the more popular micro-blogging sites), it is a good choice by the Icelandic Tourist Board as a place to interact with people.

However, there are employees who point out the side effects of being connected all the time; 35% claim that internet, email and cell phones increase their work hours. Social networking sites still lay at the bottom of the graph where only 7% of the office-based workers and 2% of non-office based workers give importance to these sites. Like the Tumblr and main website, the Facebook page also promotes the other social media platforms that the Iceland campaign uses.
Despite in such an alarming situation email still holds its value in the American workplace. Only 4% of working internet users found social networking sites are an important tool for their job.

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