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Write a review of your online degree and see which online colleges have the best reviews and happiest online students. Sure, LinkedIn is a great tool for finding job postings, but the real bang for your buck lies in the huge free networking opportunities this service provides. If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn, the online experts at GetEducated have prepared this handy crash course to get you started networking your way into your next online teaching gig! Like the 7 Best Sites for Online Adjunct Faculty Positions, LinkedIn’s Job Search is another job posting list that can be searched just like any other job compilation site.
If you are interested in breaking into online education but lack any tangible online teaching experience, your LinkedIn profile is a great way to highlight your relevant skills and to sell yourself. Once you’ve set up an account, you can add “connections” of friends and colleagues to your professional network. Joining any number of the groups on LinkedIn is a great way to forge new professional connections and open up new opportunities.
Search for any type of discussion or professional group using the Group Directory, look at LinkedIn’s recommended Groups You May Like based on your profile and connections.
With more than 6,000 members the Online Faculty LinkedIn group is a prime spot for hunting for online education jobs.

Other groups worth exploring include The eLearning Guild (check out their Beginners and Foundation subgroup for those new to the field), Instructional Design and E-Learning Professionals' Group, and The eLearning Network. And when it comes to searching for online education jobs or online adjunct positions, professional networking site LinkedIn is an oft overlooked resource. You can quietly peruse online job postings but you can also join group discussions, establish your professional resume, and control your professional online presence. When applying to jobs, do a quick LinkedIn search to see if any of your connections are already working at any university or company that interests you. Once you join a group you can post career questions, join discussions about the job hunt, swap tips, and post relevant jobs for all to share. Post a link to a job you’ve found, comment on someone else’s idea, or even just thank someone who replied to your post – a little goes a long way in trying to make an online community. Pitch us an idea for a piece on job search or career development as an online or remote instructor or e-learning specialist. Our editors had the most luck when searching LinkedIn by keyword phrases like online adjunct and online faculty.
It allows you to instantly showcase your skills by publishing a professional online version of your resume.

Technology fluency and prior teaching experience can go a long way even if you’ve never actually taught an online class. Members are also encouraged to connect with fellow online teachers and share edtech tips & tricks. We were also successful when we narrowed the search further, searching by jobs that only included the words online, remote, or virtual in the job title.
48% always use online profiles to screen candidates, and 86% use them at least occasionally.
It also allows recruiters looking for someone with your skill set to search online and find you.

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