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From training police officers to helping farmers grow new crops, civilian contractors in Afghanistan help to rebuild the nation. Step 1Research companies in your industry that receive government contracts for work in Afghanistan. Step 2Find the names of the federal agencies currently hiring contractors to work in Afghanistan. I put together this breakdown of job categories in Afghanistan as of January 2014, according to the DOD contractor count just released. You'll get instant access to the tools, resources & information you need to find overseas contract jobs faster starting right now.

CBS NEWS – A new study finds drinking just one 16 ounce energy drink a day can boost blood pressure for young adults.
The latest job report shows veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan War struggle to find jobs.
The national unemployment rate fell to 7.2%, as more workers said they got jobs and joined the labor force.
Tourtellotte said his program helps make the transition back into civilian life easier for veterans, which includes helping them find a job. For the 11.7 million Americans searching for work, a contract job in Afghanistan is a way to pay bills and see the country firsthand.

American citizens with experience in much needed fields, such as police work or private security, can earn higher wages working in Afghanistan. Send them an email or ask them to lunch so you can find out more from someone who has experienced life in Afghanistan first hand.

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