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With auto-publish set up, you no longer have to remember to promote your blog posts on social, HubSpot will do it for you.
An engaged contact is a current lead or customer of yours who has either liked, shared, favorited, or retweeted one of your social posts. Engagement data is also helpful for segmenting your existing database, perhaps to send a follow up email or other communications. While you're on the Message Details screen, you can see a list of your engaged contacts, their lifecycle stage, and all of their associated social media accounts. All you have to do now is look at the report and see which social channels performed the strongest. With Sources, you can tell exactly how much your social channels are worth and take immediate action on your findings. Facebook lets you set up email notifications for any activity that involves you (tags, posts, messages), birthdays, invites, group posts and even updates from anyone in your Close Friends list. Other Web-based social networks like Pinterest and Tumblr offer similar options, though most mobile-based apps don't support email notifications.
The app is still in the open beta stage so you might come across the occasional bug or find something that doesn't work.
Snowball is a new Android app backed by Google Ventures that brings all of your mobile instant messages into one place.

If you're thinking it's unlikely that all these platforms would allow third-party access, you're absolutely right. Using the tabs on the top left of the pop-up, select the different accounts where you want to publish your new message. Let's say this is a list of users who favorited your Tweet that was promoting your blog post about social media marketing.
For example, you can look for trends to determine which promoted blog posts performed best on different social media channels. Twitter, meanwhile, can email you when you're mentioned, when your tweets are favorited or retweeted, when you get a direct message or when someone new follows you.
If you're already drowning in email, you probably think this is a bad idea, but it can save you having to log in to each service unnecessarily. There's no option to combine your feeds or filter out particular types of post but all of your notifications are grouped together in one pop-up window. It supports a dizzying number of social platforms which are all pulled together into one huge feed of updates. There are also a pile of options for monitoring your 'reach' and 'engagement' on your social media channels but if you don't want to make use of these extra features then we won't blame you. Social media makes it possible for you to start one-to-one conversations that turn into lasting relationships.

To manually promote this post, find the post under Content Tab > Blog and go to the post's blog detail page by clicking the little gear next to the title. By looking at that, you may find that your followers on Facebook are much more eager to access your content about downloadable ebooks while your Twitter followers prefer product updates.
In this presentation, we'll give you the lowdown on how to create the perfect email and social media campaign. Gmail even sorts all of these alerts into a Social tab for you to keep your main inbox clear. If you want a quick glance at the latest posts across all your networks then Feedient is ideal. What's more, it also lets you access multiple email accounts in the same interface through the wonders of POP and IMAP. After you've chosen your accounts, all that is left to do is write the message and hit schedule. This is called social proof, and displaying social sharing icons on your blog has the exact same effect.

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