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However, it's important to be aware that with the influx of foreign job seekers in the past few years, the competition is becoming more intense. In a quest to find the worst job in Shanghai, we sent local writer Christian Qu out on the town to gather information.
At 600RMB per nights work 10pm to 2am) this job offers the highs hourly rate of our shortlist.
To avoid ending up with one of Shanghai’s worst jobs, check out next months job fair for ex-pats. Presenters range from serial investors such as Marc van der Chijs to more local entrepreneurs who are just sprouting their businesses here in Shanghai.
Most Chamber of Commerce organizations in Shanghai throw their own weekly mixers for members. However, Shanghai’s supply of DJssurpasses the demand meaning most DJs only work about two nights a week. There are plenty of English teaching jobs available all over the country, most of them relatively well paid. Club, another familiar name in Shanghai's networking scene, also organizes business mixers at different locations in Shanghai on a regular basis.

If you are here for an experience abroad or to discover a new culture, then finding a job to make a living in China should not be a hard thing. In a city like Shanghai, networking events are a good way to build connections for business and career opportunities. Know Where to Search OnlineBesides networking and references from your connections, online websites are a more direct way for serious job hunters to find their new career. Without a doubt, most senior foreigners are sent here for a fixed term by their current employers, as opposed to finding a job on the ground and that will still be the case going forward. While these websites offer comprehensive job listings, they also differ from each other in the types of jobs offered.
A logical viewpoint is that it is therefore that the more senior position you are looking for, the more difficult it will be for you.However, Shanghai still remains to be a place of incredible opportunities for entrepreneurial people. Find us in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for the latest in entertainment news around China.
Shanghai is full of opportunities, but you have to be proactive to find them and choose the right one. In order to find work in the 10 years I've been here, I've started a company with angel investors, used a headhunter, used Linkedin and my personal contacts.

Usually they charge between RMB100-150, which includes a drink.Shanghai Expat MixerShanghai Expat Mixer, a weekly Wednesday night social event hosted by Shanghai Expat, has been in Shanghai for six years. The current venue is Soniksky.InternationsFor jet-setters who are continually on the move, Internations connects expats living in Shanghai among 300-plus other cities.
Know Where to Search Online Besides networking and references from your connections, online websites are a more direct way for serious job hunters to find their new career. Have Your Job Find YouIf you are not actively looking for a job but open for better career opportunities, getting in touch with recruitment companies might be a good choice, especially for management level jobs. Go The Extra MileIn a job market where the notoriety of being a foreigner is losing some steam, take the extra steps to separate yourself from the crowd.
People like to be appreciated - it shows your respect and will help build and maintain relationships for the future.Master Your Public Speak and Networking SkillsWhen you are job hunting, you are the product.

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