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Instead, there are dozens, scratch that, HUNDREDS of ways to find film production jobs, but not all of them are obvious. A film set is often compared to the military and while it may sound a bit of a stretch, it is said for a reason.
A fair number of people study film production in school, getting a 2 or 4 year degree in film (more rare by the day), video production or in a specialty within the field, be it acting, writing, directing or editing. You don’t just walk immediately on to a film set and get handed a job or even an interview. As you leave school, the opportunity for film production jobs will still be there, but won’t be as obviously accessible. Moving up the ladder in the film production world can be a time-consuming process as not everyone moves at the same speed or at all. Each new job brings new people and new opportunities to learn and expand your production empire. Janet you are in the right spot – we have hundreds of jobs available in Film, TV and more.
I’ve read it four to five times now, gleaning some new piece of information about film industry jobs with each paragraph read and all I keep coming back to is his final response.
Work hard, learn quietly, be dependable and you will earn people’s trust… and trust is the only commodity that matters on a film crew. I loved writing stories in school, I loved movies growing up, but I never really made the connection of a career in film until I was out of university. We study film stocks, how forgiving they are, and compare them to the resolution fall-off of digital formats.
I joined the camera department before film schools were popular, I don’t think we had any practical film programs in Vancouver at the time, so you are dependent on the crews you work with to show you the ropes. With film, we would break what was happening down into its base components… film cameras in North America run at 24 frames per second. If investors need a large crew for a big production, they’ll pay higher hourly wages because of the high cost of living. While LA may be hailed as a glorious filmmaking capital, all that glitz and glamour is taxed, and people are finding discounts elsewhere.
California’s rationale stems from the fact that most of the tools for filmmaking are already at their fingertips, but producers have a different rationale with the simple factor of money in mind. Workers have found themselves in situations where the financial strain of California combined with the lack of available film industry jobs and few benefits pushed them back across the country. I’ve heard that Atlanta is a thriving place to be for TV, Film and music industry jobs. Please check out our demo reel and experience a glimpse into the work that we do in feature films, TV commercials, web videos, corporate videos, real estate marketing videos, and more!
This is the Pixie award-winning opening credit sequence of The Last Rescue feature film, created by our own Robert Payne. Founded in 2007, Fireshoe Productions is a feature film and full-service media production company.

Marketing and advertising agencies, other film and video production companies, businesses of all sizes, non-profits, entrepreneurs, individuals, filmmakers, awesome people!
If you need us to assist with only part of your project, we can be a piece of the bigger puzzle, accomplishing a single production element to correspond with your already existing elements.
Jean-Luc Godard said, "A film is the world in an hour and a half." The heart of what we do is storytelling. A film that doesn't take itself too seriously, GPS THE MOVIE is a combination of classic horror film elements mixed with silly comedy. Movie magic came to Gig Harbor late last month when filming for an upcoming feature film that took place in and around the home of a resident.
Yesterday, Film critic Mujahid Hussain of 01FilmPlot published the following review of Fireshoe's World War II feature film The Last Rescue: Director Eric Colley has made a very captivating war drama, that efficiently works on different layers. Fireshoe's World War II feature film The Last Rescue begins its overseas release next week, debuting on FOX TV in Malaysia and DVD premieres to follow in the Netherlands, Japan, the UK, and more countries. In an interview with The Examiner, Gilles Marini discusses his latest projects, including Fireshoe's World War II film The Last Rescue. Seattle, WA - Special guests, investors, and World War II veterans will have the chance to see an exclusive red carpet preview screening of the World War II film, THE LAST RESCUE, and meet the Los Angeles cast on Saturday evening, October 4th at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.
If you have a film you are trying to distribute, a script you are trying to produce, or any kind of directing or writing sample that you'd like to send us, please use this form. As an actor myself, I can say that student films and local theater are the first places to look when you want to work.
Instead of just going down to the AV or Film Department, you need to scour the web for work. Even the most insignificant film production jobs have value and if you take the time to get good at them, you will be noticed. If you’re working with film, you load hundreds of film magazines each prep… you get so that your ritual is automatic, and any deviance (mistake) from that ritual… which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars on set… fires off alarm bells in your head.
It was famous during the gold rush of the 19th century, and until just recently Hollywood enticed aspiring actors with its enormous productions that they could only dream of joining. Not only is the cost of living a big hurdle in finding work, but so is the cost of filmmaking. With other states offering tax credits to ease the price of production and California offering little benefits, filmmakers are taking more advantage of locations that will put leftover money in their pocket. A quick look at statistics shows the decline in California’s employment prospects, simply put film industry jobs are spreading out across the country instead of concentrating in California. The outlook today is better and cheaper in southern locations for many different-sized productions. I spent 7 years in Atlanta personally and there are a great deal of jobs in TV and Music especially… the film scene is growing too. With imaginative screenplays and smart budgets aimed at returning solid investor ROIs, we create projects from the ground up, handling every stage of production - financing through post-production and delivery to our distributor. We work with all types of clients and businesses to deliver a wide range of video production services.

His varied skills and experiences in the feature film and commercial world allow him to spearhead any project with leadership, creativity, and flexibility. Edward has a Master’s degree in Business and has worked on several productions as host and voice over talent, created numerous tag lines and marketing campaigns, as well as managed promotional projects and special events.
Sean was the digital effects artist for the WWII film The Last Rescue, creating over 100 digital effects, including war and action elements, compositing, and sky replacement.
Paul was the lead editor for three years for National Geographic's reality TV series Alaska State Troopers and an editor on the feature film The Last Rescue and TruTV's Branson Famous. Adept at combining creative vision with technical skill, Robert creates graphics and artwork for interactive media, print, websites, and films. We are passionate about exploring a variety of stories, characters, themes, and ideas in all genres of filmmaking. Gilles talks about his role in the film and shares his experience at the red carpet screening, which included World War II veterans as special guests. Sure, you might just be laying down dolly tracks, setting up rigs, lights or wrangling cable at first but these jobs are the proving ground.
As a camera person you’re dealing with gear that has to work or nothing else can work… the production grinds to a halt. If we then run that film through a projector at 24 frames per second, the photographed action will seem to run twice as long… or what we perceive as slow motion. No screenplay books being hawked on line (actually, almost nothing being hawked on line… nice!), no film school on every corner either.
Whether you are an ad agency, business owner, production company, or an individual, we are here to assist you.
Eric directed the WWII feature film The Last Rescue and the upcoming thriller Last Seen in Idaho.
She can tailor a scene to fit production requirements while preserving creative and emotional meaning. He has a constant drive to expand his already diverse skill set and a passion to create films that will leave an imprint on its audience. As a songwriter, he creates original songs for features films and writes commercial jingles. For feature films, Robert designs posters and DVD wraps, and he creates visually exciting 3D opening title sequences. We can execute an entire project from concept to completion, or we can accomplish a single production element for you to correspond with your already existing elements.
Because not a decade ago a bunch of kids with smartphones started flooding YouTube with some of the worst films imaginable.

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