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If you enjoy a job with lots of variety and a strong focus on working with the public, retail management could be just the right fit. Owning or operating a retail business is one of the riskiest moves you can make, but with the right vision and leadership, it can be a successful venture. Many people also stay with companies but move up from sales positions to management ones, which offer greater pay and more autonomy.
Going further, bachelor’s degrees in retail management immerse students in preparation for successful store-based, online and non-store retail operations. As a retail manager in an e-commerce environment, you may interact with dozens of vendors and suppliers daily, as well as customers, network administrators, designers, copywriters and all others who contribute to the workflow of the retail website. Many people who strike out on their own—whether it’s in creating businesses like a cafe, a vintage clothing shop or a specialty store—start by working for other people in retail. And in today’s retail economy, all of these practices apply to online sales, as well.

Earning a certificate, diploma or associate’s degree in these areas will gain you access to entry-level management positions in retail.
Strength with spreadsheets, meticulous organization and excellent communication skills will serve online retail managers well.
Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook (BLS), employment of retail managers is expected to grow 4 percent through 2022, slower than average for all occupations. Competition for retail management jobs is strong, so learn all that you can—both in the classroom and in your internship.
Fortunately, fashion marketing and management have lots of career options—and now more than ever school programs are geared to provide a well-rounded education. Many students are already working in retail and may move up in the ranks of their business organically, supplementing their real-world experience with the extra knowledge they’ve learned in school. In particular, college courses can deepen your skills with accounting, bookkeeping, marketing and forecasting, and management.

Retail managers may open and close their stores, work on a fixed schedule or at varying times.
As the economy grows, businesses will focus on generating new sales through stronger sales management.
Competition—especially online—is fierce, so superb strategic thinking skills will help you rise to the top in retail management.

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