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My fascination with this show really has opened my eyes to the reality of a business I never knew much about: Fashion PR. There are certainly glamorous aspects to any fashion job but it’s not the kind of glamour people perceive when they see movies or watch reality TV. This article was posted in Favorites, PR Couture, PR Interviews and tagged Fashion PR, New York Fashion PR.
I think fashion PR is such a interesting job I am going to school to be a pr and that was really helpful for me I take all the advice I can get. I really enjoyed this kind of interview about what is really fashion pr since there is no much information found about this field. I was quite surprised that she was never into the fashion industry previously, nor had the desire to get in like most women out there. Love the interview with Lindsey Green, this post showed a great insight into the PR fashion world.
I live in the midwest and it is hard to help people understand what I want to do its like I live on another planet its going to be great to move to a city and be able to express my love for fashion to people who really get it!!! I am interested in getting into the field of Fashion PR, but need some insight on the best way to start.
Lindsey Green, Director of Communications for Jill Stuart, is among the most famous Fashion PR practitioners in the world, so what better way to dig into the “nitty gritty” of the field. Fashion week is the best time to test your ability to handle the pressure, the hours and all the many details that come with the job.

I love this because it gives me the ability to really connect with our line and have a relationship with editors, stylists, our design team etc as the face of the brand.
By reading all the tips given by Lindsey Green for someone who wants to work in fashion pr and how a typical day is for pr practitioners helps me a lot!
It was helpful to read about how the fashion publicist is in charge of everything “regarding name, the brand, press, image, magazine credits.” I also enjoyed the advice section. I was always very interested in style and fashion personally and decided to take the leap and I took an internship at Jill Stuart during fashion week a few years ago. Sometimes it’s really exciting as there’s so many great things going on in the fashion world, but obviously some nights you’ve been working all day and it can be tough to then go out.
Starting salaries in fashion, like most creative industries are low and you have to pay your dues, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel if you work hard and put yourself in a position to succeed.
Is it that miserable during fashion week…it can be, but at the same time you still enjoy it, if you can’t enjoy it even in the stressful times, then it’s not the right industry for you.
If anyone has additional advice, job, or internship information about the fashion industry I would greatly appreciate it!
I went to beauty school prior to going to University of Oregon for a PR degree in hopes it would lead me into fashion PR. The events that Fashion PR practitioners get to attend and the connections that are made through relationships and the events is nothing short of amazing. The elaborate decorations and attire that many people see on TV and only dream of being apart of in real life, is a Fashion PR specialist career.

Obviously on reality TV the drama is going to be played up and the stress is going to be played up, but fashion is a high stress industry and if you can’t handle that pressure then you’re not going to succeed. It pleased me to hear that a lot of the tasks and duties that Fashion PR practitioners take on in the field are learned “on the job.” I firmly believe that no matter how many PR classes you take you will never be fully prepared for everything that may be thrown your way.
A lot of hard work, dedication, personality and the right attitude make for a perfect Fashion PR practitioner, and Lindsey Green is an ideal woman in this industry to idolize. Fashion is, after all, a business and being inside a house you gain that exposure in huge levels. I think on the job training and internships are the best tools for learning the fashion business. Alison is never out of reach to me, we talk almost daily, I also have constant communication with her VP of fashion. I think to be great in Fashion PR it’s vital to have some experience working at both an Agency and In house.

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