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I was left with 2 weeks to find a new job before being booted back to Australia due to Visa restrictions.
Below I’ve outlined what I did for the first two weeks and some job hunting tips I learned along the way.
Although this doesn’t look like much when listed in dot points, anyone who has tried looking for a job, knows it is a full time job.
Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article comparing freelance life vs agency life and in it I stated that one of the benefits of agency life was the steady income, however, what I failed to mention was the false sense of security that you get by having that job. Agencies who have job vacancies listed on their website literally get hundreds of applicants. There are many job boards out there, however there are also many candidates who apply for these jobs and like stated above, this makes the hiring process time consuming.

With all this said, I am pleased to announce that I did find a job after 2 weeks and am now employed at The Wonder Factory as a permanent freelance designer, which may lead to a full time position if everything works out. On a similar note, I also just signed a lease for a new apartment in Midtown, NYC where I will be moving in with my girlfriend of 2 months. Sounds like you had a crazy time over those couple of weeks Jacob, really pleased everything worked out for you though and good luck with the new job. Once again Jacob, you make me feel like I’m doing nothing with my life by getting a dream job two weeks after losing one. I considered my options very carefully and finally decided to stay in NYC as my time was not done here, plus I had a girlfriend here.
Instead, I would recommend to find the agencies you would like to work for and then aim your target at them.

But it’s really amazing how you nailed a job in two weeks, which I think a really short period of time.
I didn’t have the time restrictions of a visa expiring, but money was tight to begin with, so finding a job quickly was of the essence. I was searching for candidates for a number of PR and design positions in the NYC area and your name kept popping up. I am noticing in my search for a job that each company has their own idea of what it believes a graphic designer entails.

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