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According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 50% of employers use Facebook during the hiring process. Most of big companies own Facebook accounts so it's easier for job finders to do a research for which companies they would like to apply the jobs for as well as take other companies as other choices into their consideration.
Facebook has a long way to go before it begins to impinge on that space, but this is news that not only Jobvite should be pleased about, or even those involved. Facebook has 1,159 job openings listed on its corporate site, as the social network company continues its aggressive growth plans. The company is also looking for 43 recruiters and 28 human resources job openings to help it handle the flood of hiring it expects to do. Facebook still has a relatively lean workforce compared to other tech companies.LinkedIn, another social networking company, had just over 5,000 employees despite having only one-fifth of the revenue of Facebook. The economy hasn’t recovered at anywhere near the pace people were hoping for, which means the job market continues to be a real challenge.
As with all Facebook updates, the goal of the job board will be to expand user engagement with the social networking giant, rather than a dedicated push by Facebook to become a player in job searching or recruiting.
Employers use social networking sites to screen the profiles of potential employees, checking posts, pictures and video for information ranging from how hard they might party to what they might have said online about previous employers.

Anyone who has ever looked for work should be interested in the SJP and its new app since it connects job seekers and prospective employers.
30, according to a company filing, growing Facebook’s headcount to 8,348 jobs as of that date. Thousands of unemployed are competing for limited openings, often taking a much lower salary simply for the peace of mind that comes with a steady paycheck. According to his report, Facebook’s job board may launch before the end of the summer, and will pull together posts drawn from a series of third-party boards that have a long track record of helping people find employment.
As far as the sources know, Facebook will launch their aggregated job board as a free aspect of their service, and won’t be monetizing it in the near future. Work4labs is one of the organizations that helps Facebook in fullfilling the job lists and searching out the employers to post on this social network". Expected partners will include Jobvite, Work4 Labs and BranchOut, and Facebook will pull all of those listings into one place, making it easy for members to search through all available opportunities.
Launching a job board also gives Facebook an additional weapon against competitive social networking sites that focus on work-related interactions, such as LinkedIn. Job boards are a huge resource for folks still looking, and it seems that the largest social network in the world is about to get in on the action.

Pressed for a comment, a spokesperson from Facebook refused to corroborate the speculation.
Under the banner of the Social Jobs Partnership, Facebook and the Labor Department will work together to make job listings more available, even spreading virally through the active Facebook network. According to a recent report seen on the Dow Jones Newswire, Facebook is on the cusp of launching its own online job board. Many users prefer separating their professional and personal lives on different websites, and may be cautious about allowing potential employers to contact them on the more relaxed and social Facebook platform. It is curious that Facebook isn’t willing to confirm the job board if this is the case, though they may be treading carefully after Silicon Alley Insider broke the story of a massive disagreement between the co-founders of Facebook earlier this year. By allowing job seekers to view and share job openings based on personalized criteria, like location and industry, the Social Jobs Application builds on our broader effort to help people use social media to find jobs in the US. Either way, Facebook is clearly hunting for increased interaction with the tens of thousands of unemployed hoping to relaunch their careers.

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