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Gain ExposureWeRSM is your opportunity to spread the word about your product, service or event to thousands of social media enthusiasts and professionals throughout the world.
To learn about the importance of a social media strategy, I interview Neal Schaffer for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. You’ll learn the core elements your social strategy needs to be successful and sustainable.
As social media becomes a mass skill, Neal thinks we’ll see a lot more corporate oversight into what people do in social media. Facebook likes aren't what you should use to compare yourself against your competition.
These jobs included sales and marketing, attending conferences, hiring people, dealing with legal issues and offering customer support. Listen to the show to find out about the analogy of thinking about a social network like a country. One of the trends that Neal brings up in his book, Maximize Your Social, is the convergence of information and communication. Social media users join social networks in order to get back in touch with friends on Facebook or colleagues on LinkedIn.
A lot of companies believe that social media is free and that they shouldn’t have to pay for it.
Listen to the show to learn what happens when the StumbleUpon crowd sees someone just marketing to them. You’ll learn about the people you can use in your organization to help you create a more inclusive social media strategy, which will be more comprehensive and help you company-wide.
The next part of your strategy is to consider what social media channels you want to establish a strategic presence on. One way to use paid social is if your goal is to reach 20,000 likes and you are only at 15,000, you could budget to supplement your organic growth rate to help you achieve your target.

Coca-Cola is one of the big brands on Facebook that post updates in their fans' own language. Call in and leave your social media–related questions for us and we may include them in a future show. Social Media Success Summit 2013 is a special online conference designed to help you master social media marketing (brought to you by Social Media Examiner). If you enjoyed this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast, please head over to iTunes, leave a rating, write a review and subscribe. Michael Stelzner is the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast. Great article, without a social media strategy plan its like you are lost in the forest without a map!
Use the infographic as checklist, or combine them by taking one strategy from each group for a possible combination of over 4 million marketing campaigns.
Small business owners, especially, wearing so many hats, don’t have time to read every single article on the latest iteration of Facebook engagement and user interface. Use this infographic, listing 64 marketing techniques in eight Facebook feature categories.
All of these roles led Neal to a very holistic view of social media in terms of not just using it for marketing but throughout the enterprise. Ask yourself what the three strategic things are as an organization that you want to push forward on in the next 3-6 months or 6-12 months.
If one hour of your time is worth $20, then spend it and use that time to do something that is more strategic or more valuable.
Facebook knows you are in a particular region because of the information you provide when you set up your Facebook personal profile. Instructors include Jay Baer (author, Youtility), Chris Brogan (co-author, Impact Equation), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner), Mark Schaefer (author, Return on Influence), Jesse Stay (author, Google+ for Dummies), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) and experts from General Electric, Sony, E! Tons of presenters will present the absolute latest and greatest to you on everything from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to blogging, podcasting and video marketing.

StumbleUpon is not the first social media platform that I would consider advertising on (in fact I was surprised to know they had advertising at all!). Its really an excellent experience to listen a marketer like Neal Schaffer and I like his way of marketing for Japanese and Chinese companies. Linda Sherman will show you why social media should be a part of your marketing strategy, and give you specific steps to get started or improve on where you are today. Randomly select one marketing tactic from each category, and combine them for an innovative marketing campaign.
As a Digital Marketing Expert and Senior Strategist in a Digital Agency based in London, Geoff defines himself as a marketer 2.0. His newest book is Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success.
Neal worked with a company for which reputation management through social media was their main objective.
I am also with the his strategy about the objectives and goals of an organization which should be on focus while going to start social media marketing.
However, for Facebook (incorporating the EdgeRank filter) you not just start paying to identifiy your audience and build your marketing platform.
Im from Ireland and this is definitely a laggard market when it comes to new social media channels. Learn from a pro how to strategically deploy social media to power up your overall marketing, customer service and business plan.

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