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Add job hunting to the list of things Facebook can do for you.The social network announced a new application for its Social Jobs Partnership (SJP) program Wednesday.
Job hunters will then have to follow the links back to the respective job search service or Facebook app.The application is part of a larger jobs effort launched by Facebook last year with its Social Jobs Partnership page. Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers and others to give advice and resources for finding work through the page.

Facebook also tossed in a few job-finding statistics it gathered along with the announcement. According to the company, 50 percent of employers use Facebook in the hiring process now, and 54 percent of them anticipate "Facebook becoming a more important part of the talent acquisition process in the near future."Introducing the Pages Feed But the app isn't the only new page Facebook turned over.
Just click the Pages Feed button and voila, feast on page news.Facebook said the new feature is hitting the network now.

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