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Facebook has blocked Njorku, an African job search engine on its website, saying that its content is spammy and unsafe. Njorku is Africa’s first job search engine that crawls the web (especially job and classified sites in Africa) to help users find jobs based on keyword searches in Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and Egypt. While we’re not sure yet why Facebook blocked Njorku, as no notice or explanation has been given by Facebook to date, it is possible that one or more webpages on Njorku may have been hacked and now serving up malware, so Facebook’s systems banned it automatically.
In some cases, Facebook has admitted that some websites were blocked in error and have apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused, thus restoring the websites.

While Facebook does not provide personalized support for this issue at the moment, you can help Njorku by letting Facebook know if you believe that it was a mistake and that its content was blocked in error. Unless Facebook provides an explanation or proof otherwise, I think the Njorku block was made in error by Facebook’s automated security systems or perhaps due to a bug in its system. I have contacted Facebook directly to find out what may have happened and would update this post as soon as possible. Prepared for Women's Job Search Forum--briefly covers using LinkedIn and Facebook privacy settings.

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