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Facebook are to launch a job board aimed at businesses wanting to attract staff from the 950 million potential candidates on Facebook.Facebook has been used by businesses vetting new employees for some time, and many prospective employees have regretted posting those out-of-it party pictures when trying to impress a new boss. Facebook today launched a job-board application, featuring 1.7 million listings from five different recruiting organizations. The new application, a product of the Social Jobs Partnership that Facebook started last year with several public agencies, aggregates jobs that are already available through the separate organizations to give job seekers a central location to look for work.
Facebook is not making any money directly off this application, so this doesn't mean the company is getting into the jobs listing business just yet. Facebook's 1 billion users is what's attractive about recruiting on the network, recruiters said. However there has never been the ability for employers to create job advertising on the site, and most businesses look at LinkedIn or websites like Monster when they want to recruit new staff, but that's set to change this Summer.The rumours are that "people familiar with the matter" at Facebook are in talks with third-party job boards to host their job vacancies on FaceBook.

Work4 Labs said it's posted 2.2 million jobs to Facebook in the last 18 months because that's where potential employees are. While most job candidates may think that using Facebook to network is the only way to get a job via Facebook, 87 percent of recruiters said the No.
There's no word of who the sites are but rumours suggest it would be BranchOut, Jobvite, and Work4 Labs in the US. The new app, and the partnership arrangement, highlights how much Facebook is at the core of social jobs recruiting -- LinkedIn's bread and butter.
Fifty percent of employers use Facebook in their hiring process, according to a Social Jobs Partnership survey.
According to reports some partners have begun telling their clients about the job board, which could launch as soon as early August.

One of the key USPs for LinkedIn and for anyone joining LinkedIn is the ability to see the latest jobs and for people to see their details.
By putting jobs on Facebook there's one fewer reason to join LinkedIn, however Doug Anmuth analyst from J.P. Morgan poured cold water on concerns that the Facebook job board could hurt LinkedIn."Facebook and LinkedIn serve different purposes for most users today," Anmuth wrote.

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