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EU court ruling threatens how Facebook freely transfers data between European users and US serversReutersA crowd-funded lawsuit brought by an Austrian law student could cause major changes with how Facebook and other US companies handle UK and European data. In a landmark ruling that will have far-reaching repercussions, Europe’s highest court has ruled that data sharing between the EU and US under the Safe Harbour framework is invalid.
Following the revelations by rogue sysadmin Edward Snowden that US businesses were being compelled to hand over personal data under the Prism programme, Austrian law student Schrems complained to the Irish data protection commissioner - Facebook’s EU operations are head-quartered in Ireland – that his privacy rights were being violated.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and some 4,000 other companies use Safe Harbour to transfer user data without breaking laws on either side of the Atlantic.Facebook's use of Safe Harbour was the subject of a lawsuit filed against Facebook Ireland Limited in 2012 by Austrian law student Max Schrems. That could change after Europe's top court on Tuesday declared invalid a 15-year-old pact allowing the unfettered transfer of personal data outside the European Union's 28 countries. The Court of Justice said Safe Harbour did not eliminate the need for European data watchdogs to check that adequate measures to protect data created here are in place.'This case is not about Facebook'Facebook has denied any wrongdoing.

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