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Facebook is increasingly being used as a job search tool, both for employers and applicants. Talking with strong ties on Facebook seems to be useful in helping people find jobs and feel greater psychological support.
We knew that political posturing over the privacy brouhaha involving employer requests for access to Facebook accounts was only just getting started. Just Friday, in response to complaints from employees, Facebook published a post expressing its opposition to the practice, which it said undermines both the security and the privacy of the user and the user's friends. And earlier in the week Blumenthal said he was going draft legislation banning employers from requesting access to Facebook accounts as a term of employment.

We write concerning reports in the media that some employers are requiring job applicants to provide their usernames and passwords to social networking sites like Facebook as part of the hiring process. Facebook and other social networks allow users to control what information they expose to the public, but potential employers using login credentials can bypass these privacy protections. Facebook users who talked more with close friends regarding job hunts and job opportunities were much more likely to find employment than those who tended to reach out to acquaintances. The longer Facebook users in the study talked with close friends, the better they felt about their job prospects. Facebook users announce employment changes, chat with friends about openings, and seek out new opportunities with close friends and acquaintances.

The study discovered that talking with close friends shortly after the end of employment only added to stress, as friends would give unhelpful advice or put too much pressure on unemployed users to find work. The act of losing a job and posting about the situation on Facebook actually made users feel more at ease, as other unemployed friends lent empathy. Overall, we see that who you talk to on Facebook matters, and different friends provide different support.

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