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Exclusive interview: ManpowerGroup's president of northern Europe, Hans Leentjes, says MBA hiring in Europe is on the mend. ManpowerGroup's executive vice president, president of northern Europe is in a corner of the company’s Netherlands offices, talking up the MBA jobs market and cautioning that you need more than a degree to excel. Eyebrows were also raised when data suggested that fewer workers were perusing business education in Europe. Employers in 20 of 24 EMEA countries also forecast workforce growth during the next three months, showing some stabilization in Europe.
The company was founded in Wisconsin and expanded in the U.S before the UK, other parts of Europe, Canada, Asia, and Central America, and eventually became the global giant it is today, with thousands of offices around the world.
He points to some sectors in Europe having a talent shortage, in particular IT and engineering.

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EADS chief executive officer Tom Enders pauses during a news conference in Berlin earlier this year. Dr Merkel said the results were unlikely to have a major impact on the functioning of institutions like the European Parliament, which will continue to be dominated by mainstream parties of the centre-right and centre-left.
QS, the business school research company, reported a 14 per cent demand growth in tech and telecoms last year in some regions of Europe. After a “difficult period” in the European labor market, Hans expects all of the company’s brands to grow this year. Since 2010, Uber has created the equivalent of 35,000 full-time jobs in total in San Francisco, New York, London and Paris, its biggest markets, Kalanick said.

The company was tarnished by reports of drivers assaulting passengers, and an executive suggesting that the company find and share personal secrets of critical journalists.
Employers have become more specific about the skill-sets they want to see,” he says of MBA job prospects in Europe. But we also know that none of the two big groups can decide the European Commission president on their own.

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