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Fortunately, there are steps that youcan take to lessen the stress associated with an executive job search. You might learn about important new software while chatting with an executive at a chamber of commerce luncheon. In the book, you’ll also find a fourth important place on LinkedIn to use keywords to boost the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your profile – meaning more people will find you on LinkedIn.
She provides cutting edge resume writing advice, numerous LinkedIn tricks, and tips for modernizing your job search.
Executive job search has changed dramatically and Meg’s new ebook will help you navigate through the changes.
The tips in the book are important, (mostly) quick and easy strategies that will help you land faster. I thought I knew how and where to send out my resume, but Meg’s tips showed me the best way to get it into the right hands. Start incorporating these critical tips and get your executive job search on the right track.
The holiday season – from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve – is a GREAT time to land a job at a company you’re targeting. In this book, the Job-Hunt Experts offer tips to overcome job search obstacles and succeed as you move through the various situations typical for holiday job search, from dealing with those awkward questions about your unemployment at holiday parties, to partying with purpose and using holiday cards to your best advantage.

They offer advice on strategies such as planning and researching your job search before you get started, to brushing up your brand, sending your resume, and leveraging LinkedIn and other social networks, to best practices for networking and job interviewing over the holiday season. The 26 Job-Hunt Experts contributing tips to this Kindle book are genuine experts in their fields. Given the right tools to prepare for and execute the success strategies particular to a holiday job search, we knew they could make significant strides in landing the jobs they wanted. From the beginning of my association with Susan and Job-Hunt, it was clear that her first priority with Job-Hunt is to keep it a safe place to fall for job seekers highly susceptible to scams and other schemes. In fact, the financial website FINS Finance says that the average executive level job search takes 12 months today. Looking for an executive level job for an entire yearcan stress out even the most laidback of job seekers. Joyce, online job search guru and publisher of Job-Hunt.org, rated “Best of the Web for Careers, Job Hunting, and Finding Work” by Forbes and US News and World Report.
Meg spills the beans on the job search secrets most executives don’t know about- giving you the competitive advantage!
It would be impossible to read 20 Little-Known, Insider Tips to Accelerate Your Executive Job Search, and not walk away with a handful of new ideas and a fresh perspective! Her straight-forward delivery style and keen insight into the needs of executives in job search make this an essential (and quick) read for your kindle or nook.

If you incorporate these tips into your job search, you’ll have a significant advantage over them. Why not take a few moments to optimize your headline for search engines, so that recruiters and hiring decision makers looking for candidates like you are more likely to land on your profile. Joyce, the mastermind behind Job-Hunt.org and a pioneering online job search expert, about 6 years ago at a careers professionals’ roundtable. Recently, we saw the need to put the word out to job seekers about using the holidays to edge out their competitors in the job market.
Use up as many of the 120 allowed characters as you can with the keywords and phrases those people will search on. We instantly hit it off and I became Job-Hunt’s Personal Branding Expert, one of its very first Experts, soon after that. Speaking of which, I love how Meg advises executives to capture accomplishments: with the WOW!

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