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In some cases, the Internet viral marketing campaigns below just did not take off but in other cases they backfired causing negative instead of positive publicity. Here is a good example of what happens when a seemingly good idea does not scale to the exponential power of online word of mouse. This viral marketing example brings up the question of whether some brands are just unmarketable online. I cannot resist saying a few more words about the Toyota campaign which, apart from the gross misjudgment on the part of the marketing executives involved, is actually a pretty good example of Internet viral marketing. There is an enormous differences between viral video examples and viral marketing examples. In this viral marketing example you’re going to see how ThePianoGuys are using their videos to create fans, generate revenue, grow their list and become pop icons. If your marketing plan stops at people listening to your song once, you’re really relying on hope.
Giving the song download to you free is another way to increase the chances the song will become a viral hit. I have discussed the ingredients of online viral marketing campaigns as being networks, passability and remarkability and have highlighted why some famous viral marketing campaigns were so successful.
When the Starbucks Coffee Company decided to release an online coupon to promote their line of iced beverages in the summer of 2006, they did not count on the message going viral.

Whether or not their motives were sincere or not, we may never know but in the months before Christmas of 2006 they hired a guerrilla marketing firm to create a fake blog to promote its Playstation Portable (PSP) game console. As well, we have to consider the difference between viral marketing and the more commonplace online branding, both of which Walmart has tried and failed at in recent years. In promoting a movie release back in 2007 the makers of the show hired a Guerrilla Marketing firm to put up mysterious electronic mini billboards featuring a character from the movie around several major U.S. This oddly titled clip is based on an Internet meme - an idea that gains huge cultural significance as described in detail in Seth Godin's foundational e-book on Internet viral marketing - called “All your base are belong to us” (or “AYBABTU”). Perhaps you have been able to achieve viral marketing success or want to recall another major viral marketing success or flop! In this article I want to look at the flipside which is big online viral campaigns that fizzled. In other cases, companies tried to be too clever or even downright deceptive and sought viral marketing stardom by ”flogging” - fake blogging – and other online “no nos”.
The “flog” was entitled “All I Want for Xmas is a PSP” and purported to chronicle the efforts of a couple of teenagers trying to convince their parents to buy them a PSP for Christmas that year. Perhaps if they had let viewers know that it was a marketing gimmick things would have worked out, or at least not turned out so bad. The company has suffered a number of prominent online viral marketing and social networking mishaps that would seem to indicate that, well, the brand is just not web-ready. This a great example of built in passability which is one of the ingredients of viral marketing.

In most cases a page like this asks for your name and email address in exchange for a free report, for example. In some cases, companies were simply ignorant of the undesirable and unforeseen consequences of their seemingly innocuous marketing activities. Instead, the site posted fake comments by fictitious visitors and the marketing gurus also manufactured fake viral tie-ins to other websites and event a rap video by a fake “Cousin Pete”. While it seems like a good idea, they triggered a bomb scare in the City of Boston which took the devices to be similar to improvised LEDs. While this is not really a case of Internet viral marketing (which needs to be tied into an online presence), it does bear mentioning as a case where efforts to create a bang can be misconstrued or grossly overdone.
Online viral tie-ins like fake e-mails and MySpace pages were then supplemented by fake bills in the mail and other real life artifacts. Viral marketing in a sense is an effort to manufacture memes so that they become the medium through which a marketing messages are transmitted. While the vast majority of ads were well-meaning, a significant number of anti-SUV ads that subsequently went viral on sites like YouTube created a large amount of bad publicity for Chevy.

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