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While these jobs are not necessarily current vacancies, they are examples of real jobs advertised by a range of employers, looking for employees from a range of science disciplines. Understanding what employers are looking for is one of the most important aspects of job hunting. We have selected a recent job advertisement that may provide a suitable opportunity for a newcomer to the field of development and that is now expired.
This is the meat of the job advertisement: what the job actually involves, which in this case is fundraising. This is obviously a very important section of the job advert, as it details how they are screening candidates. Interestingly, this job requires very few hard skills, which highlights the importance of developing your soft skills.

Paid advertisements for University positions regularly appear in local newspapers across the state both in print and online. This job description details who the position reports to, and also, unusually, begins stating some requirements of the position. In this article we’re going to examine a typical job advertisement and identify some key points. While every job description will be laid out differently, this is a fairly typical example. The location is stated to be Dakar, but if the job involves a large amount of travel, you may spend long periods outside of the capital. This information is normally (and should be) kept separate from the job description, which should be purely about the role, responsibilities, and activities associated with the position.

Overseas programme experience is obviously something that will help your application, but it has not been prioritized in these job requirements, allowing those without any experience to apply. Therefore, this type of job provides a very good opportunity to break into international development. You should make a habit of always searching for and visiting the website of any organization you are applying to, as there may be additional information regarding the job and job requirements.

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