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Average Entry Level Social Media Marketing Assistant salaries for job postings in Irvine, CA are 3% lower than average Entry Level Social Media Marketing Assistant salaries for job postings nationwide. With a whopping 600 percent increase in social media roles over the past five years, it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear social media management is a trending career path. I have followed every step and it confirms that I am right on track for a successful career in social advertising. But landing an entry-level social media position requires a lot more than boasting a large following on Twitter.If you’re a member of the Class of 2013 or looking to transition your career into the digital realm, it’s in your best interests to understand the challenges of the entry-level job search. Today, employers require more experience than ever for those seeking entry-level employment. Having a profile on every social media platform available doesn’t give potential employers much insight into your social capabilities.

Go above and beyond the average social media user by engaging in relevant conversations on a variety of topics with industry experts such as frequenting Twitter chats, participating in LinkedIn Groups, managing your personal blog, or even creating your own vlog series on YouTube.Your dedication to a strong, professional and informative online presence will present you as articulate and socially-savvy to potential employers. Be sure to put links to your social media profiles in your cover letter, resume and personal website.2. Social media internships often provide the perfect environment for students and recent graduates to not only learn, but also put to use a variety of different applications and tools required for advancement in your career.
But if you never held a social media-focused internship, there are a number of online classes, webinars and e-books available to help hone your digital knowledge.Taking a professional online training course will help you to prove your interest in advancing your professional knowledge while also showing your interest in career development, self-management and the your dedication to keeping up with social media trends. Your previous internships are crucial to getting your foot in the door as an entry-level social media strategist. Quantify your completed projects and hands-on experience gained from previous social media internships to built a platform for your social know-how and qualifications.

Consider doing a case study on the strategy and ROI of your Twitter account, showcasing your social aptitude by volunteering to handle social media channels at a nonprofit or by taking on freelance social media work for your own roster of clients. Since the world of social media is rife with easily accessible experts, begin developing strong connections at the companies that matter most to you.Work to build a two-way chain of communication, then invite this person to an informational interview. Presenting yourself as anything but a run-of-the-mill candidate is a must for getting hired in social media.

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