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Though a bachelor of science degree is the standard engineering qualification, for certain positions some employers will require a master’s degree or, occasionally, a doctorate. Aerospace engineering jobs are one of those few, high-paying positions that actually may require rocket science. Engineers and other technical professionals weren't always seen as having the nation's coolest jobs.
Understanding the capabilities and limitations of engineering talent, these managers oversee many engineering projects and processes, from creating design specs to managing people and budgets, and measuring and evaluating results. Engineering managers typically have talent and experience in general business management and in the engineering disciplines practiced within their organizations.

An engineering manager might supervise half a dozen or more staff engineers; an engineering director might oversee hundreds or thousands. Biomedical material promises to be one of the most fascinating and potentially lucrative engineering subspecialties of the future, starting now. One caveat: As one of the most controversial and regulated industries, nuclear power and the jobs it creates are subject to the shifting winds of politics and government policy. And that demand spans the globe, from central Pennsylvania to Saudi Arabia to Malaysia.While the number of new computer science graduates from the nation’s colleges remained steady in recent years, overall the number of bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees awarded in engineering fields has steadily increased. According to the National Science Foundation, the number of engineering undergraduate degrees awarded annually in the U.S.

And that typically translates into those jobs being highly ranked in our report."The Jobs Rated report measures a range of criteria to determine the top-ranked jobs, including the work environment, current hiring demand, average compensation, stress levels, the long-term career outlook and the physical effort required on the job.

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