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Unemployment rates are improving, which means more and more people are actually finding work-and many of them have job search sites to thank for landing their new gig.
We asked you earlier in the week which job sites were your favorite, and whether you preferred job sites that were clearing houses of available job opportunities or professional networking sites that offered you a chance to connect with an employer before applying to work at their company. Indeed gets over a billion new job searches every month, and many people refer to it as the Google of job searching. Listed below are some of the best web sites for Baby Boomers to find jobs, even your retirement job. Then down in the middle of this page you may use our job search to find jobs in all locations and job categories. Then on the lower part of this page are US Employment statistics for national, state, county and top 50 US cities that you may find interesting. Before you can get a job, you must be looking for one in the places where people are posting jobs. AARP’s Work page has a lot of good resources about Social Security, Jobs, Pension, Retirement Calculator.
I had no idea there were so many places to search job websites specifically for us Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers Job seekers are looking for job updates in various web portals, I appreciate for updating various job vacancies in single point. We've rounded up all of your votes, and here are your top picks for finding a new job or career.

The site allows you to post your resume, search jobs in your area, apply to thousands of opportunities from multiple job listing sites, newspapers, corporate websites, and job boards. If you're looking for a job in tech, entry or senior level, initiate or experienced, Dice is one site that should be part of your job search. It has articles related to employment, choosing a second career, and whether age plays a role on whether you should start a new career.
While the job board is 100% dedicated to executives and upper-level employees who make over $100,000 per year and up, there is a lot of content geared toward people who want to get to this level. It’s free to search for jobs though a premium package is offered which gives the user access to special members-only content and classes.
However, I do agree with the poster above, that the baby boomer generation should have every right to apply for mainstream jobs too. It has one of the largest job listing databases on the web, and does a great job of filtering out duplicates and removing spam. Your mileage may vary based on locale, but it's more likely that when you respond to the job listing you'll actually strike up a conversation with the hiring manager instead of a recruiting firm.
The site has thousands of tech jobs listed from some of the country's biggest companies like Hewlett Packard, Google, and Microsoft. The site features millions of job postings, hosts the resumes of millions more, and has mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.
With a job force full of listings by companies wanting to hire people who are 50+ years of age, this site is a must visit for seniors looking for a new position in retirement.

As a leading job distribution platform, JobTarget provides comprehensive solutions to maximize a recruitment effort and fill positions faster and more cost-effectively.
ABILITY Jobs is the first and largest job board of its kind with job seekers ranging from entry level to advance degrees. The MinorityPostdoc.org website is the premier portal for diverse postdocs -- candidates for faculty openings especially in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines.
All digital ads also come with a complimentary six-week web ad on Hispanic Outlook’s website. First time purchasers of any level of our Executive Search services receive a 20% discount off their first search. It provides job seekers with customized training, support, and critical access to job opportunities through its employer and volunteer networks, as well as partners with employers to meet the talent needs of the U.S.
Access this talent pool through Upwardly Global’s job board and resume database, and receive dedicated, personalized talent sourcing for one year. Allow us to enable your school to hire more effective talent, increase productivity, and reduce turnover through the use of our soft skills tools which includes hiring and development assessments, 360 and engagement surveys, and job competency modeling to name a few.

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